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Display Shields and other Gear Please?

It would be so nice to be able to hang a furniture copy of your shield on the wall or place your helm on the dresser next to your jewel box. Can't we please have at least a few furniture items based on various armor motifs?
  • DivineKitty
    I have 4 Nord houses, and it'd be sick to have shields to hang on the walls. Even if it's just the trash ones you find in the overworld. Same with weapons too, some swords to hang next to the shields would be great
  • Danikat
    I agree, this would be great.

    There are a small number of pieces which can be substituted (for example I have the Sentinel of Rkugamz trophy positioned so the wooden board is hidden in a wall and it looks like just a helmet on a shelf), but it would be great to get furnishing versions of some of the motifs so we can just place weapons and armour around a house.
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  • Ruj
    A pair of sandals by the bed would be great, too.

    I don't expect them to make a furniture model out of EVERY weapon, shield, shoe, helm, etc in the game.

    But it would be nice to have some of them made into furniture pieces. They could start with one of each type (shield, shoe, sword, etc).

    Giving us one sword or shield option is better than none.

    Currently the only shield I can think of is the one acquired via PvP.

    There is an awfully gaudy sword in its sheath acquired via Antiquities, but that's it for weapon furnishings </3
    Edited by Ruj on July 18, 2022 10:19AM
  • DivineKitty
    Ok, going back over my houses, there are a few weapon furnishings.

    There's a dagger from The Dark Brotherhood quests on the Gold Coast, and there's an orange greatsword looking thing in Alik'r. There's the Sword Sheath antiquity from Abah's Landing, but it doesn't have an actual sword in it, and In Reapers March you can find a broken Aylied sword on a pedestal (Which looks kinda lame, really.) I don't know if the Fishing spear counts either, but there you go.

    So there we have it. 4, arguably 5 options, total.
  • YoWombat
    One of the new quests in High Isle gives a shield furnishing, though it looks more like a coat of arms than just a singular shield-
  • w002exp
    Also the tales of tribute trophy for reaching rubetite is a sword thrust into a mount display of some kind.

    The flag poles can also be arranged to look like spears.
  • anadandy
    It's a luxury vendor item, but the Craglorn sword sconce can be partially sunk to look like a couple swords if the light is off.

    But I firmly agree that there needs to be real armor, weapon and other martial decor items like archery targets. They are all over the vanilla world, so the models are there.
    Edited by anadandy on July 20, 2022 12:24PM
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