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Unable to swap Bars since Oakensoul Release?

Hi all.

I've noticed lately that ever since Oakensoul has been released and implemented into the game, whenever I run into a big fight I cannot swap my bars. I'm stuck on one bar until the game decides to let me swap. I asked a few guildmates who also run in Cyro and it's happening to them as well. I was just curious if this is a cross-platform issue or maybe it's just happening on our end (PS4/5 NA server). Either way, I hope it gets fixed soon since it's definitely making PvP more unplayable than it currently is most of the time.
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  • taugrim
    Never seen this happen when not wearing Oakensoul on PC/NA.
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  • xFocused
    taugrim wrote: »
    Never seen this happen when not wearing Oakensoul on PC/NA.

    I'm not wearing it when this happens, just been happening like crazy the last few nights.
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  • malistorr
    I have had pretty consistent issues with bar swapping the whole time I've played on Xbox. It doesn't help that it's the left d-pad button on my Xbox Series X controller which means that I have to take my thumb off the movement stick to press it in the 1st place (really stupid design, I'll have to look into the other controller schemes but I remember hating them all).

    I press the left d-pad button all the time and my bar doesn't swap. It's only if I press it really slowly and not much action is happening at the time that it works. This issue causes I'd say about 80% of my deaths in PVP. I'm not a perfect/elite player but this causes me to die quite a bit.
  • Aces-High-82
    I played till summerset on PS4 and performance in cyro went downhill with every patch since release. Nothing new you can't swap bars properly at Primetime.
  • MEBengalsFan2001
    This has been an on going issue in pvp for a while and only having one bar makes it significantly easier to fight in pvp.
  • Iriidius
    With Oakensoul released, bar swap not working is not a bug anymore, but a very profitable feature. Why give up Oakensoul and have 2bars, if you can only use 1 of them anyway thanks to lag?
    Is Bar swap really that difficult or is it difficult because it doesnt work?
    Edited by Iriidius on July 16, 2022 9:39AM
  • Kartalin
    Are you using Pirate Skeleton 2 piece ? It used to be an issue when it procced you occasionally wouldn’t be able to bar swap. (Especially if you weren’t wearing a certain disguise from Alik’r)
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