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Grove Keeper or Stonelore style?

Today while running a Stonelore quest in High Isle, I was admiring the Stonelore clothing. The reward for the quest was a pair of Grove Keeper's Greaves, but they are part of the Steadfast Mettle's set. Is it possible ESO will be offering a new style that looks like what the Stonelore druids wear? I hope so!!!
  • Grizzbeorn
    I'm hoping that the Q4 "Story DLC" delves deeper into the druids, which also includes an expectation that we'll see at least one druidic motif style (Stonelore seems like the most likely candidate, to me) at some point before the year is out.
      PC/NA Warden Main
    • PrinceShroob
      Currently, druids on High Isle wear a combination of Black Fin Legion, Coldsnap, and Ashlander styles. Their weapons appear to be in Primal style. All of these styles are currently available in-game.

      Presently on PTS, some new druid NPCs wear a new motif, which will probably be available next year.
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