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Changes to warden wings (Falcon's Swifteness)

This skill is offers great utility to the warden arsenal, but there is very little contrast between its two morphs. I propose to add a snare removal to the support morph.
Deceptive Predator:
This skill offers minor evasion when slotted and major expedition when cast. However, this skill and its morphs conflict with other snare removal skills (mist form, race against time). Why? Well, because the other snare removals also offer major expedition and so much more. Race offers the speed bonus, the immunity, and minor force. Mist form offers 75% damage mitigation when cast. It makes it very clear which skills are going to be favored.
Falcon's Ferocity:
This morph passively grants minor berserk when slotted, and Major expedition when cast. Mainly for dps builds, this skill also conflicts with other major expedition skills. Dps will often slot this and race against time, having two sources of Major expedition now, in order to maximize damage, and therefore losing one slot to two skills that offer the same thing.
Minor berserk should be removed from Falcon's ferocity and implemented on the cliff racer. Casting cliff racer will grant the warden minor berserk for a set duration (similar to nightblade's ambush skill). This will give wardens a reason to slot cliff racer and rid themselves of wings, in order to free up a slot. Deceptive predator should offer snare immunity when cast, since it leans more towards the support side of things. Both morphs should offer Major expedition, but with falcon's ferocity no longer passively granting minor berserk, it should instead grant a gap closer stun. Upon activating this skill, the warden will flare its wings and dash at a target at great speeds, instantly knocking them down on impact. This implementation will allow for a viable, long-awaited stun on the warden class (I'm looking at you, arctic blast...). Let me know what you think.
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