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Multiple Xbox Gamerscore Achievements not unlocking.

Soul Shriven
On 5-29-2022, I successfully unlocked the in-game achievements called "Tamriel Skyshard Hunter" and "Cyrodiil Cave Delver". Unfortunately, the Gamerscore achievements did not unlock and have yet to. It is now July. On 6-12-2022, I unlocked the in-game achievement "Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant" and it's corresponding Gamerscore achievement did not unlock as well.

Due to achievements going account-wide, you are unable to try to go after them on another character. In fact, I had this same issue with another Gamerscore achievement before the in-game achievements became account-wide. Except, I had to do it three times before it popped up. I find this to be unacceptable. That Gamerscore achievement activation is tied to the moment an in-game achievement unlocks and if it fails, you will never be able to unlock it. I have been told some games have something called a 'tick' system were once the conditions are met, it will constantly check to see if the requirements for the Gamerscore achievement are met each 'tick'. I take it this is not in The Elder Scrolls Online or I read a lie years ago.

As a customer, I am neither happy nor satisfied. I request a proper solution/assistance. I am also curious as to whether others have the same problem or not.
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  • Nanamuskat
    Hey, i have the same Problem with achievements from Wrothgar i got on 19.06.2022.

    Ingame i unlocked "Hero of Wrothgar", "Maelstrom Arena Champion" and "Wrothgar Master Relic Hunter" but did not get the Gamerscore Achievments....
    This is sad, because i get 100GS for the Hero-Achievement...

    I read about the Achievement-Trigger too, but it didnt work for me...
  • Cloat
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, i have also encountered this.

    For me, I have unlocked ingame: Coldharbour Master Explorer, Council of the Five Companions, The God of Schemes

    But not as Xbox achievments. Started a new char to see if it will unlock by completing them again.
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