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[Guild] FragHaus Alliance - Aldmeri Dominion

If you are looking for a mature PVE and most of all a PVP guild that will be around and active for the last 16+ years and will be around the next decade plus again :) in gaming you have to look no further then FragHaus Alliance.

FragHaus Alliance will be doing open enrolment for Elder Scrolls Online.
Until we feel we need to be more selective on our membership's or our guild pop get close to the limit which it does fast once "live" in game.

We will be playing as our main faction of choice Aldmeri Dominion!
But we will have guilds on the other two faction FHA and UpRising.

To Apply for guild membership your first step is to register for the FragHaus forums.

Then download TeamSpeak http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

Once you have TeamSpeak you will want to go to bookmarks
then select Add Bookmark
Label: FragHaus TS3 Server
Address: ts3.fraghaus.com
NickName: Your name you want to go by!
Server Password: none needed
Now hit apply

Now every time you select BookMarks from the top of TeamSpeak you can connect to FragHaus TeamSpeak channel with one click!

We are looking for Active Member who will and want to be active.
Folks who want to PVP and PVE with Good grown up grammar...
Age Selection we have all age groups from folks who are 12 years of age all the way to 60+ years of age.
We have all open Roles to Fill we have the Core group already set up Leadership.
But we are looking for...
Raid leaders
Recruitment Officers
PVP Group Officers to work with Main faction Officers.
Crafting Officers.
And more slots to fill once the game get's live.

We look forward to running a joyful guild with out the Drama

Some of our past mmo's
Star Wars the Old Republic
Lord of the Rings
World of Warcraft
StarTrek Online
Lineage II
DC Universe
Guild Wars
World of Tanks
War Thunder
Eve Online
EverQuest - All of them
Planetside 2
League Of Legends
and way back in the day... Earth and Beyond
And many more...

We also have had a strong force in FPS and common online games for years 16+
Just too many to post.
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