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Battle Spirit Buffs Reverted?? Was this intentional?

Soul Shriven
In Waking Flame, the following changes were made to battle spirit:
  1. Increased the damage taken reduction from the Battle Spirit passive to 50%, up from 44%.
  2. Increased the healing received penalty to 55%, up from 50%.
  3. We will no longer detail the “effective strength” of these changes to prevent potential confusion.

    Since then, there has been no changes to battle spirit and there was no mention of any changes in the High Isle patch notes, yet if you check Battle Spirit on PC NA right now, the changes are reverted? See picture below taken from today...

    On PC EU, the battle spirit buffs are still showing from Waking Flame... so perhaps this is only a PC NA issue?

    A lot of people have been talking about higher dmg this patch from Coil or Oakensoul, but losing 12% dmg reduction from battle spirit is going to hurt in CP and even more so in NO-CP.
    Yes, healing received is currently higher than it was last patch, which gives effective toughness, but I think many people are feeling the higher up-front damage.

    Were these changes intentional? @ZOS_GinaBruno
  • divnyi
    There we go. A secret component to oneshot builds.

    Please lower in considerably. Go for 60% on damage and 70% on healing. Would fix a whole lot of problems in PvP.
  • Dirt_Rooster
    If I remember correctly I don't ever think the tooltip was updated. I remember noticing right after waking flame released that it still showed 44%, but testing it revealed it was actually 50%. I don't remember there being any patch notes saying they fixed the tooltip. So it would be worth testing again to make sure it is actually 50% but I'm pretty sure the tooltip is still just wrong.
  • xylena_lazarow
    I just checked PC/NA GH, my tooltips are displaying the correct post Waking Flame values.

    I agree damage and healing should both be reduced further, play patterns are mostly running around stalling in between sudden damage spikes where players end up instantly dead or instantly healing to full, then repeat.
    PC/NA || CP/Cyro || RIP soft caps
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