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Guild Recruiting Players 2022

Soul Shriven
LFM DD Tank & Healer to join our friendly guild Zim e-sports first to Farm the new trial on Vet for perfect gear and once done onto Tick tock tormentor. a guild of good experienced players and friendly place to chill and grow, We have Finished GH and IR and the goal is to carry on with Triples, and we will do Rockgrove HM somewhere in between. We are looking for players that are likely to stick around and not leach the new vet trial farm, Requirements for DPS are Both no death vMSA and VH achieves, all hardmodes done apart from rockgrove and the new trial, and if you have previous triple titles in trials and dungeons would be even better, min 100k trial dummy parse. Requirements for HEALER are all the relevant sets, all HMS done apart from RG and new trial along with some logs of previous trials + send any triple achieves you have trial or dung. Requirement for TANKS all hms done apart from RG and new trial, all relevant sets and send any triple titles you may have trial or dungeon. every Wednesday and Thursday evening 9-11 CET leave a message if your interested PC EU
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