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Daily challenge - unranked casual gave no rewards from game win

Played my first daily vs a real player using the daily challenge unranked finder. was an interesting, close and tense game ( 44 - 41 in my favour, somehow )
under my victory screen it displayed several rewards and 4 additional prizes yet I received nothing at all, neither directly nor in the mail. I did receive reward box from the npc in high isle game hall because I still had that quest open from yesterday.

Is this normal? I hope not ( if a random daily dungeon happens to be a pledge, both count and it should be the same for ToT ).

Waited a while for mail and changed zones nothing from the match victory as displayed ( couple of blue prophet items and 4 others ).Plenty of room in my invy.

Submitted a bug report just in case this is truly an error, anyone else had this happen to them ? Or did u get the rewards right away to invy ( as expected )
  • Smaxx
    Yep, had the same yesterday and today. Not sure if those items should actually appear in my inventory or get sent.
  • gusthermopyle
    Had the same today too. I wasn't able to choose any ranked matches so casual is all that's available. Having already lost 3 in a row I was delighted to win a match. I got the reward sent in mail, but the daily quest did not update or offer the bronze level reward as I thought it should.

    The opponent conceded the match at the end. It still showed me having won the game, but I wondered if that was the reason? Or if this is just borked?
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