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new accessibility mode

WHY in the name of all the changes you have done this was needed? It takes forever that startup animation as it is - now one cannot pass it without a crash BECAUSE you deem right to give an "acceibility mode" already accessible IN the game itself. WHY really!?
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  • MashmalloMan
    1. This has nothing to do with Tales of Tribute and this forum section, this would of been better suited for General.
    2. Accessibility mode is disabled by default, when you launch the game it asks you if you'd like to enable it and tells you a little about what it does.
    3. You can disable accessibility mode before you log into a character via the settings menu.
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  • Erissime
    Tales of Tribute is the main reason I aquired this new chapter, and I have zero accessibility to all you are saying. So a warm thank you to zos for bursting up their system for WHATEVER reason. And for ruining what could have been a fine experience. Yes I am a brat with not enough pc knowledge which wanted to play this game from the 1st hour of its launch. THANK YOU - for ruining this experience for this one absolutely irrelevant player.
  • SainguinKrist
    You really need to calm down.

    They added an accessibility mode so more people can enjoy ESO and have a great time with this game.

    It's not taking from your experience AT ALL.

    You can disable and never ever see it again.

    It doesn't stop you from playing Tales, it doesn't stop you from logging in. It doesn't stop you from playing the game.

    You're not able to play right now, because if you read the giant banner at the top of the forum, the game is undergoing maintenance for a database error.

    Nobody can play.

    I really don't enjoy reading some ignorant rant about an accessibility mode for less able bodied gamers because you don't get to play your card game immediately.
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    I'm not sure what their names are.

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  • ZOS_Hadeostry

    This thread has been moved to the General section, as it is better suited there.

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  • Erissime
    Yup, thank you for the kind reply and setting me in my place - tis not like I am not aware of both my ignorance and my hot-headedness. Hence I've stated them from the beggining. To my mind that widget translates like an unecessary stress on the startup menu and what something worked fine yesterday but today cannot as much as hold a login screen ( crash while mid-way of typing password kind of thing) - and as accessibility to the actual in-game is non existent to allow all those disablings - I really enjoy being as ignornat as all that because of the above mentioned reasons. Brats will be brats! thank you! Oh and EU is up in many hours now. I have friends playing - so the "down servers" is not as general as all that.
    Edited by Erissime on June 6, 2022 7:15PM
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