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Bastian's cold hands

Soul Shriven
Hi, all.

Does anyone have an idea of why Bastian complains about his hands always being cold? He sometimes says something like: "Why are my hands always cold?". He otherwise comes of as brave and strong, which I think is in contrast to someone who would complain about his hand being cold all the time. Like, for someone being in combat regularly, one would expect their body to get warmer because of the exercise. I feel like I'm missing something here, as of lore.
  • Ilsabet
    I think that's just a random ambient dialogue line that he's programmed to say when he's around a campfire or cooking fire. I guess the warmth of the fire makes him more aware of the coldness of his extremities?

    If you're looking for a less mechanical explanation, there's always the old adage "cold hands, warm heart." :smile:
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  • TheImperfect
    He's hoping you'll help warm them up.
  • Cadbury
    He wants mittens.
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