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Proctor Luciana Pullo

Finally got around to doing the Daedric Wars after Morrowind & the MQ in all 3 base game zones. I knew the Mer had long lives (Mannimarco being an ultra extreme outlier). But didn't realize Men could also achieve this with the help of a demi god or two. lol

Case in point, Proctor Luciana Pullo, Sotha Sil's right hand Capo in Clockwork City. According to her journal, she was fatally injured during the war with the Akaviri. The discharge from the magical weapon she'd summoned had somehow backfired, horrifically disfiguring her face and destroying her limbs. And to make it worse, she was unaware she was pregnant. If it weren't for Sotha Sil rescuing her (and remaking her in his image) she and her unborn son would've certainly died.

That being said, her journal of these events is dated 1E 2712. The first era ended in1E 2920.
According to my Tamriel Time clock, the current date is 2E 615.
That makes her 823 years old by the time you meet her in the Clockwork City at end of Where Shadows Lie quest. O.o

It seems becoming a robotized Factorum is the path to immortality for Men. Same for non Mer Apostles from the other races. I wonder what the ideal lifespan is for factorized humans like her? Does anyone have any hard numbers based on lore? Dunmer Mer Apostles would likely exceed 1,000 years based on Luciana's extended age alone. Couldn't find any specifics of this on USEP unfortunately. :\
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  • WraithCaller88
    Honestly, I think this raises an interesting question - is it the apostles' clockwork parts that grant them longevity, or is it some quality of the Clockwork City itself?
  • KyleTheYounger
    Aren't those one and the same though? Seht's Clockwork City (CWC) is literally an extension of himself, right? The analogy for this is the divine mechanical gears and cogs he implemented into his disciples/acolytes/fabricants are like the "Earthbones" which formed Nirn. But unlike the Elphony, the CWC universe isn't eternal/indefinite as it originated from a mortal (not a true immortal being like Aedra the likes of Kyne, Julianos etc.).

    IMO everything in CWC originate from Seht himself. Lol. At least by the time 2nd reincarnation of yourself cosplaying as the Nevarine returns to single player Morrowind in 3E. By that point, Sotha Sil had completed his detachment from mortal affairs on Nirn. He knew his existence was at an end and had resigned himself to his fate. At least that was the situation when my incarnation as Nevarine began investigating the Tribunal. Lol. In game lore indicated Seht had become mechanically comatose? Was locked into a mechanically psychotic state? to the point where he was unable to defend himself against an ultra vengeful and insane Almalexia. The loss of Kangernac's Tools really did the Tribunal in pretty nasty.

    Anyhow, by 3E Morrowind, Sil was a complete recluse whose body/parts had clearly begun to mechanically atrophy/rust from lack of use (as predicted by Azura and Sotha Sil himself back in 2E ESO). Almalexia basically spared him the slow, painful death of mechanical shutdown. It's a pity you couldn't visit CWC in that era to see what had become of his beloved fabricants though. I'm willing to bet Proctor Pullo would've STILL been alive and griping how she was going to kick Seht's a$$. Lol
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