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The Three Alliances

So I've been kind of getting back into ESO a bit, and for a while now I've been wondering about the Three Alliances; what's good, and what's bad about them. The civil war in TES: V has been kind of done to death, but I like how everyone there has kind of a basic idea of the pros and cons of the Empire and the Stormcloaks, so I'm wondering, how does that apply to the Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion, and Daggerfall Covenant?

Like, these are kind of spoilers, but I know some wrongs of each of the Alliances, like how the Covenant used some crazy necromancer when invading Morrowind, or how the Dominion tried to mess up a Hist Tree or Argonian eggs or something, and of course the Ebonheart Pact collaborating with the Veiled Heritance, but barring that? I'm kind of at a loss.
  • Malyore
    I don't know the specifics of them, I usually just look at the broad spectrum of them.

    The pact houses some of the more stubborn races, beaten only by the altmer imo. It also is backed by the tribunal, who I'd argue is one of the strongest forces on tamriel at the moment. Sotha sil and vivec especially. The hist is also pretty special when it decides to be. But their alliance seems very uneasy considering how stubborn the 3 races can be. Especially the history with saxhleel being slaves to the dunmer. If it hadn't been for their uniting to fend off the akaviri invasion, I suspect the banners war would feature only 2 alliances (unless the dunmer would remain on their own like they seem to favor?)

    The covenant has the best warrior races on tamriel as well as access to the oldest structure of nirn, although I'm not sure what all the direnni tower can do. In TES2 it wasn't much of a sight haha. I'd say the orcs and Bretons are more feudal than the dunmer are and so they might have more in-fighting and drama which could weaken their harmony. I also heard this bizarre thing that time span's across tamriel linearly from east to west? So that side of tamriel is more aware of events to come than the eastern side is. Not sure how much truth that holds though...

    As for the dominion, I'll admit I'm biased against altmer. They're the best mages, but man are they racist. They're also a powerhouse of just about everything and are probably the most harmonious socially. I suspect they're just using the bosmer and kahjitt as resources and plan to dominate everything in the end. The kahjjit are probably the more intimidating soldiers to fight though considering some of the giant breeds they have. The bosmer I know nothing about really.

    These are all just from what I've picked up in experiences. I don't know for a hard fact how much of this holds up, I may be completely misjudging them all 😅

  • merpins
    Rather than being specific, I'll give you the main beat.

    1. Daggerfall Covenant: it's a coalition of Orcs, Bretons, and Redguard under the banner of High King Emeric. The Bretons wish to rule over the other nations, and are convinced to unite under Emeric as to unite all 3 nations, so that later they can never loose their control over the other nations. The Bretons also have a bad history with the Orc nation, invading and destroying their capital on at least 1, if not multiple separate occasions for similar unification reasons.
    2. Aldmeri Dominion: Years of isolationism and racial tensions between the mainland High Elves and the wood elves/khajiit fractured the Aldmeri kingdom into two parties, the party that supports Queen Eyrenn, and the Veiled Heritance, the party that supports isolationism and supports racial cleansing in a similar way to *** Germany in WWII. The party, however, is fairly isolated by nature and lacks the manpower to survive after being discovered, and is swiftly taken care of. Aside from this, the Aldmeri Dominion of this time period only has minor racism problems thanks to the haughty high elves.
    3. Ebonheart Pact: Oh, the ebonheart pact... Where to I even begin? Well, let's just go with something simple. The Nords of the north said to the Dunmer "Hey! We hate you, but we hate the other two alliances more!" And so the Dunmer said to the Argonians "Hey! We both hate and enslave your people, but we hate the other two alliances more!" And so the argonians decided to not be enslaved for the duration of the war, and the Nords and Dunmer, along with the Argonians decided to put their combined hatred of each other together like a spearhead to strike at the other two alliances. Basically, an alliance formed through unified hatred, as well as a promise of no more slavery towards the Argonians. In all, the most atrocious group in terms of their shortcomings.
    Edited by merpins on May 25, 2022 12:16AM
  • VaranisArano
    Due to the horrid mismanagement of Cyrodiil by the Longhouse Emperors and the whole Soulburst Incident under Emperor Varen, the Dominion currently believes that an elven infant would do a better job of ruling. Their candidate is 27-year-old Ayrenn (so practically an infant herself), who's adorably naive about how her Altmer kin will welcome the Khajiit and Bosmer as equals.

    Due to the horrid conditions in Cyrodiil and noting the ambitions of their southern neighbors, the Covenant believes that humans need to be in charge of Cyrodiil. High King Emeric is the leader by dint of getting his fractious Breton kingdoms and his Redguard father-in-law to not engagebin the traditional pastime of burning Orsinium to the ground long enough for the Orc King Kurog to team up with them. Together, they'll start a new empire.

    The Pact hate each other, but when the Akaviri invaded ten years ago, they hit their teeth and worked together to drive them back. They've also noted what's going down in Cyrodiil, and the Tribunal thinks that they should be in charge, since clearly only they have the wisdom to not go messing around with daedra and other risky magics like the fools who did the Soulburst.
  • Ratzkifal
    The three alliances summarized:
    • Dominion wants stability under Elven leadership
    • Covenant wants to restore things to how they were before the empire collapsed
    • Pact is tired of others trying to rule over them
    This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.
  • Oakenaxe
    Dominion - Elven rule over Tamriel; no Daedra worship
    Covenant - Maintain the human imperialism; no Daedra worship
    Pact - Men, Mer and "Beastfolk" rule together and maintain their cultural/territorial independence; Daedra worship allowed, "from a distance"
    a.k.a. Leo
    non-native English speaker
    200-300 ping and low fps player
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