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I am eso homeless rn :o

So i stopped playing in 2018 but, I am back. I've been playing since pc na pvp server reset, daily.

Sad to say though pretty much all my connects are now gone. I need a guild trader, literally I have millions in my craft bag.

aside from that it would be nice if there were EP pvp players in the guild but not really required. I just want to make bank and give a guild a cut so I can keep having that sweet, sweet guild trader.

open to social, trading and pvp guilds as long as we aren't doing the whole 'stay on crown' thing. Best pvp guild I have don't even bother running together you just group so you have better map data and then converge for a hit.

But this is long winded, I farm mats while waiting for cyro entry that said I have no where to move it all.

please help thanks
  • Higuchi
    Hey there, Chris!
    There is this cool feature in ESO now - the Guild Finder! you can go check it out. browse through guilds, filter to your needs (trade, pve, pvp, social, etc..) and just try out a few. I believe you'll find one to your liking.

    I am in the Dragon's Lair Trading Guild, love it here, a trader in Vivec city, no fees just sell as much as you possibly can, stuff sells like hot cakes (can't give you a link, will you find it in Guild Finder's trading guild thread). Or contact me ingame (@alien.101), I'll refer you to guild masters. I'm not into pvp, so ...can't help with that. Dragons Lair guys are always on some events, cyrodiil runs, pvp, tons of group activities. So, welcome! =)
    NA Server 📚 MacOS 🐾
    Naofumí The Arcanist / Goellean (gameID: @Alien.101)
  • chris25602
    hey thanks for the response I came here partly because I was not having any success with the in game guild finder. that said when PC NA comes off maintenance I will find your guild and give it a shot.
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