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Let us deconstruct/recycle player made furnishings for matetials

Naturally we would get nothing if we tried to deconstruct crown store or luxury furnisher items. But the fact that we still cant deconstruct any furnishings we craft is rough. This would help many a person who has made a bad crafting decision while also helping alleviate the skyrocketing prices of furnishing materials.
  • tmbrinks
    Yes, furniture, like gear, should be deconstructable.

    Put the same tag on crown/luxury furnishings you put on mythics so they can't be deconned.
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  • DivineKitty
    YESSSSS I have like, dozens of furniture items from previous builds that i got bored of, or changed my mind about. I'm also reluctant to make certain furnishings, mainly Enchanting ones, because it's a pain finding more mundanes to replenish my stock. Letting us deconstruct gear that we made would fix both these problems.
  • MidniteOwl1913
    Me too. I make something put it in my house and then hate it... But now I'm stuck with it... I can sell it to NPC, but I'd much rather get some materials back.
  • Heals_With_Orbs
    Yes, totally agree with this, good idea!

    I actually thought about this a few times in the past myself, why there isnt an option to deconstruct furnishing items you've crafted yourself.

    I also think that you should get 100% back from what you have crafted, every item.

    Mundane runes for example are selling at 1K each, and you need 13 of them to make 1 deadlands wall. I've made over 40 of these for my Doomchar plateau house. I either pay 13K per wall or spend hours farming nodes that are often not there, due to sky high prices. I dont want to run around for 30 minutes just to make one wall.

    However deconning old unwanted furnishing items would help a little

    Something really needs to be done about this though, housing should be fun, but its now becoming a frustrating experience
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