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NB's Master Assassin not triggered by flanking but what CARDINAL DIRECTION you are facing


I'm an NB main player in the NA server. I came across this bug while doing my parse on different dummies. I noticed my penetration keeps going up and down for no reason since I kept flanking every dummy. Through several tests, I found out whether Master Assassin triggered depends on not whether you are flanking, but the CARDINAL DIRECTION your character are facing! You can earn the benefit of penetration when your character faces north, east, or west, except for the south.

Facing North, with 7535 penetration. Using the compass addon to show the direction along with stats panel

Facing Sorth, with 4561 penetration. Lost 2974 penetration which provided by Master Assassin

I also found this video on Youtube which approves the same opinion, yet it didn't attract much attention:

It's a pretty strange bug and definitely not the original purpose of the skill. Please fix it asap.
Edited by Lykeion on May 16, 2022 12:16PM
  • Finedaible
    I had also noticed this strange behavior recently and found that video and this thread. It seems this bug is still present on live as of this writing. Makes me wonder if I can rely on the NB passive at all.
  • WrathOfInnos
    Has anyone checked on other enemies? It could be that all target dummies are facing north regardless of rotation.
  • blktauna
    I am of the growing impression the Devs really dislike nightblades and try to break them is as many ways as possible. I can't count on any of my skills working at any given time and now you can't even trust the passives.

    Thanks to you folks for experimenting to get this info.
  • NerirocF
    I just went back to my NB and noticed this bug. Initially I thought it was because I was standing next to my chickens (lol), but my penetration displays 2974 lower when I'm facing cardinal north. (8235 North vs. 11209 everywhere else). Has anyone been able to confirm if this is just a UI bug, or if penetration really is lower depending on what direction you're facing?
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