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Water holding the memories of tamriel

I recall there was a quest that involved helping a servant of herma mora, she mentioned that water holds the memories of the dead. Is this ever going to get explored more? If one could scry through the memories, all sorts of lost knowledge is at our fingertips. The first thing that comes to mind is searching for dwemer memories.

Along with that, there's also all sorts of avenues that could be discussed. Any connection of the psijics and their scrying to the water magic they have everywhere? What does it mean for aquatic critters? Fish and argonians who live in memories. What about the water cycle? Evaporation, snow and rain, clouds, humid air. What about impure water? Mud, blood, sap. Is there a relation to water's weird effects on tethers to aetherius, as seen on neloths experiment in Skyrim?

I'm also curious how it plays along with spirits. The Dunmer summon their ancestors occasionally to ask for their knowledge. We've seen plenty of other afterlife scenarios with the dead having recollection of their past. So memories are stored with the spirit, but also left behind physically on tamriel? But also still with the body...such as with "dead" like vampires?'s all a lot to unpack haha
  • Eporem
    It is a lot to unpack:)..

    For how would you know as well what memories are the truest if memories when returned to water upon death still retain the emotions and perspectives of each individual. All the individual experiences that created this memory. Sooo much scrying I think would be needed. Unless the water acts as a purifer of some sort of these emotions and perspectives - but then would there still be a memory without these?

    Sotha Sil I believe created stars to hold his memories without these emotions attached so I do wonder what these memories truly are composed of.



    Sotha Sil created stars to hold his memories and thoughts so that they would no longer hold emotional sway over him but still be preserved.
    Edited by Eporem on May 27, 2022 1:06PM
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