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BuffTimers2 - Any addon like this + disappears when the target dies?

Soul Shriven
I was looking for an addon that would allow me to be more efficient with my ability upkeep. Nothing fancy, just something to track Vampire's Bane (for now). BuffTimers2 is awesome but it has one annoying feature - timers don't go away when your target dies.
I tried Srendarr & Action Duration Reminder and none of them were quite right. I have poor vision so I need info around the center of the screen, action bars are too far below for my comfort (Action Duration Reminder). Srendarr does everything right except for one thing - you can't get rid of all effects. For now I just want to track Vampire's Bane. It gets confusing if there are too many icons on the tracker.

Do you guys know of any other ability tracker I could try?
  • M0R_Gaming
    There may be a different addon that is a bit easier to configure than srendarr, but you can also use Srendarr to do this.

    With Srendarr, it is possible to move and filter the effects via the settings. 0yb6eyrsdy5u.png Just select an aura whitelist window (I used window #7, but any will work) then type the name of the buff you want into the textbox. For this example I used hurricane. Then you can use the unlock button in the general tab to move the window around, and finally, you can adjust how the window looks using the aura display tab.smus989mxg0y.png

    Finally, after setting everything up to my preferences, this is what it looks like to me, and it only displays Hurricane or whatever else I tell it to. cl7a7ue8lmwc.png

    If you don't want all the extra buffs in the corner and all that, you can also unbind all the display groups in the general tab of the settings.

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  • Verenyn
    Soul Shriven
    Ok, I will play around with that some more. Thank you!
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