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All crates, sacks, backpacks etc empty on second group dungeon

This has happened several times now to me while playing a group dungeon. I thought at first it was a fluke, but it seems to be a consistent problem.

My group likes to look at everything, read everything, talk to every NPC and empty every sack, crate etc as we go during these events. However if we do a second dungeon on the same occasion, there's nothing in any of these containers. It's also happened part way through a dungeon that suddenly none of the containers had any contents. Fortunately, bosses still do drop appropriate gear, but it's still very disappointing for those of us who like a 'lore and exploration' approach. Books & letters can still be read.
Dungeons this has happened in include: Moongrave Fane, Frostvault and Scalecaller Peak, but there have been others.
It seems to happen that anyone who has just joined the group without doing the first dungeon can still find items in the group-as-a-whole's second dungeon, but for those of us who have completed one there just isn't anything there. I have no idea why this should happen, but it's frustrating so getting this sorted would be great if that's possible, please.
  • katanagirl1
    It’s probably container cooldown like I see in delves and public dungeons. I was not aware it was an issue in group dungeons, though. I guess because it is a separate instance as well the same thing happens.

    Basically, after you open a certain number of containers in an instanced area, the rest become empty until some amount of time has passed. If you go into another instanced area all those containers are empty as well for the cooldown period.
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  • ElysaDjinn
    Thanks - I knew it would happen in one individual instance but hadn't realised this could also apply to a completely different instance for a completely different dungeon.
  • aussie500
    It is an old problem, it can happen with dungeons and delves all you will get is the heavy sacks and chests. When I used to do the undaunted pledges, guaranteed one of the three dungeons would have empty container syndrome, usually for all 4 of us it would be the same dungeon.
  • Rittings
    Day 1 feature… I think it might be intentional, or at least safe to say it is at this point. Delves and public dungeons are the same. Oddly though, zones are not treated the same…
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