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Anyone else disappointed with the portrayal of Nocturnal in ESO?

Big fan of Nocturnal, but she basically looks like a low-budget cosplayer in ESO, even her costume is a disappointment. In every single TES art I've seen she appears like an enchanting dark & gothic looking goddess, always barefoot and hovering above the ground.

What should have been:
What we got:

Some justice for nocturnal in the future please, maybe? @ZOS_GinaBruno Also, changing the dress would be nice, the statue is kinda nice, at least.
  • Chaos2088
    She should look like her statue. The statue of her is cool, in summerset not so much…
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  • VaranisArano
    I don't mind her look, except that her appearance in the final boss fight was so low-res, it looked like a bad photoshop.
  • Hurbster
    I'm also convinced that they got her character mixed up with Mephala as well.
    So they raised the floor and lowered the ceiling. Except the ceiling has spikes in it now and the floor is also lava.
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Concur, I finally bothered to do the Summerset main quest on live and I was disappointed that in spite of it being literally years since it came out, they haven’t done anything to fix the Daedric Prince of Pixelation.
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  • Mascen
    TBH, I think we kinda got spoiled with the Skyrim iteration of Nocturnal that it's overridden any chance of seeing her in any other iteration.

    It was well deserved mind you, but IMO i think that kind of love should be shown to some of the less remembered Daedric Princes, Sanguine and Peryite come to mind. And Peryite has a lot of potential in regards to the Khnahaten flu
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