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What is your idea for how to improve PvP?

See title - and I'm curious to see cool innovative ideas outside.of fixing performance alone! Cheers :)
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  • Succuby
    First of all - stop nerfing and double standart changes.
    Second - think what class can have, that is fun and balance it.

    And before all this:
    Make a list of real big problems in PVP not including current classes now, why PVP is bad and in what part of it it have to be improved.

    I see 5 big problems:
    1) Skills do not press
    2) Bad balance,ZOS always nerfing something, double standarts.
    3) Crosshealings - to much HOTS, it is not good that it can be 10+ hots on 1 character, as example 5+ vigors and 5+ mutagens from different users.
    4) Bad community, that always ask for nerfs and do not post true ingame situation.
    5) Real problems get ignored each time.
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  • BXR_Lonestar
    Outside of performance issues, I have a few ideas:

    1. Instead of trying to come up with "Zerg busting" sets that just become broken or annoying, why not make sets specifically designed to increase seige weapon damage and that does not offer any bonuses that increases combat effectiveness? For instance, a 5th piece set bonus could be something like "increases damage over time from defensive seige by 100%" or "increase stone trebuche damage against walls by 100%" This would allow defensive siege sets to serve as zerg busting sets in defensive positions and have an offensive counter that doesn't involve improving a particular character's combat effectiveness.

    2. Implement mounted combat for counter-seige situations. Flank, hit hard, hit fast, and scram. They could even have sets that increase combat effectiveness only while mounted.
  • VaranisArano
    Jaustink wrote: »
    See title - and I'm curious to see cool innovative ideas outside.of fixing performance alone! Cheers :)

    Probably a wise idea to add that qualifier. It's a simple fact that none of this matters without fundamental performance improvements.

    Something I'd like to see if it would help: change the distance requirements on group support sets to be more PUG-friendly.

    Most group support sets are only used by ball groups because you have to stay really close to each other. PUGs can't really benefit from those sets because they don't stand close enough together. So ball groups get cool buffs that only ball groups can use, which only exacerbates the disparity.

    I have no idea if it's technically possible.
    I have no idea if PUGs would even equip those sets if the distance was made more PUG-friendly.
  • Reverb
    Fix performance.

    That’s clearly the most important answer. But assuming that’s out of reach for the Zeni team, I think the next most important work would be discouraging faction stacking. As players, we all know that faction mega serve are a big contributor to poor performance, server disconnects, and client crashing. We all do it anyway, then complain about poor performance.

    We do it offensively because it’s the fastest way to take map control, we do it defensively because it’s the only way to not be gated by a megazerg of 75 enemies. Twice recently on my server, when the entire AD faction is on Glade in their effort to gate DC, the entire EP faction shows up too, and all three factions are stacked together, all complaining about terrible performance and rampant crashing.

    I think there are changes Zeni can make to discourage this. I don’t think swinging the entire map in under 30-minutes with equal pop should be feasible, I don’t think it should be easy for scrolls to change hands multiple times daily.

    So what can be done? Firstly, get rid of the hammer. That is the ultimate faction stacking mechanic. Secondly, buff anti-personnel siege even more. None of us should be able to just stand in oils and coldfire and keep sieging. Lastly, and more complex by a large margin, I think that incoming damage should scale up for every ally over 20 in an immediate area, scaling up exponentially for each ally over 40. Encourage multiple fights on the map.
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  • neferpitou73
    Increase group size to 24 again so I can recruit more people to my guild instead of letting them fend for themselves as PUGs, until they get discouraged and leave
  • Urzigurumash
    - Coldfire Oils

    - a fishing leaderboard for Cyrodiil
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  • blue_peaceful_Manticore
    like i say many times befour. This is NOT pvp!

    - Respawn takes to many time. 18s in battlegronds? Why?! Can be 1s, 5, 10s or 18s!? Don't Make any sence.
    - Travel away back in Cyrodill cuz noone revive you... This is NOT PvP If "new pvp players" stay 2 hours in Cyrodill, 1:45h will be in horse returning to fight.

    Maby there's alot of other problems. But i only go Cyrodill\Batlegrounds if i have too. I like PvP. But not in ESO!

    - Travel from Point A to Point B = 10 minutes +/- in horse. Not fighting, Don't make PvP... just travel from Point A to B
    - If player kill me in point B.... I have to return all way back to Point A. lol! Makes no sence at all

    How can you call this pvp?! :\
    Edited by blue_peaceful_Manticore on April 27, 2022 5:50PM
  • Gargath
    Jaustink wrote: »
    See title - and I'm curious to see cool innovative ideas outside.of fixing performance alone! Cheers :)

    You asked for it - everything is ok just fix performance :p .
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  • wolfie1.0.
    End 3 banners war in cyrodill.

    Transport the 3 factions to a deadric plane. Each faction has its own "home" zone with a 4th zone in between that all factions can access so long as they control thier home zone. In each factions home zone telvar can be farmed via PVE activities. Inorder to reach 4th zone the home faction must control 4 to 6 control points to open the portal to the 4th zone. Where several control points exist. Rival factions can control these points and if they do they can invade the other factions home base so long as it is controlled.

    Something along those lines. Make each map about the size of 1/3rd of Cyrodiil with the 4th a bit larger about half.
  • FluffWit
    Ditch every set that's been added since Morrowind.
  • Mixalis966
    Performance.Everything else comes after.
  • Dojohoda
    I'm hoping the team will have success fixing all of the things that are causing the performance problems with PVP. If that happens players will return to Cyrodiil. Higher population in Cyrodiil is essential to its design.
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  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    Free for all, no more groups and instead, add random allocated alliance/color based on current/real time population.

    I just privatised 'balance', thank you.

    Edited by Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo on April 27, 2022 6:33PM
  • Sparxlost
    Rework crouching stealth
    i play a stealth oriented dk and everytime i show up to a keep i find it impossible to sneak inside without a stealth pot because guards are insane and reveal me from like a mile away
    everytime i roll dodge everyone can see where i am
    being master thief as anything other than a nightblade is depressing in pvp due to this and the fact that it takes forever it seems to get back into stealth while in combat i could speed away at 500m an hour and find a decent place to hide but ten seconds later im still not back in stealth

    also they could add a dueling mode to the game somehow
  • Stamicka
    Other than performance, I just want Dark Brotherhood/ Shadows of the Hist PvP again with some mild adjustments. The balance during that time was very good, and the game was fun. Cyrodiil also needs to hold more people, additionally it needs a way to encourage fights in all areas of the map.

  • Wolfpaw
    1. Add a new PvP zone similar to GW2 Heart of the Mists.
    2. Make players escort upgrades from resources, again like GW2. Help break these server zergs.
    3. Anyone still using a purify or cleanse in Cyrodiil, that are responsible for their faction wipes, to be flagged to kill by their faction for X amount of hours/days.
  • ArchMikem
    Lock back keeps from being capturable. Create true fronts by forcing progress along the transitus lines.

    But so much about ESO PvP upsets me to no end that any of my changes would be shot down by everyone else. Mainly all of the tanks mega heal bursters that run in groups.

    This is why ZOS keeps getting my money. PvE is the only guaranteed fun in here for me.
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  • Parasaurolophus
    Balance pls
  • HonestLoverr
    1. Remove hammer

    2. Remove battlespirit (balance PvP around base game stats instead)

    3. Sort out literally everything that hinders skills from firing/registering

    4. Remove stamina based heals

    5. Make heals scale with a heal stat only tied magicka (with traits to focus on max healing output -> make healers useful -> remove everyone being capable of godlike healing)

    6. Rock/Paper/Scissor method for light/medium/heavy armor through physical/magical/bleeds, poison, plague damage

    7. Buff siege damage, invent siege sets

    8. Remove multiplicative %, reinvent additive % back again with max cap toned way down (and tone down every 5%, 10%, 30% boost etc. down to 1%, 2%, 3% to hinder stacking damage, mitigiation, movement speed, etc. up to godmode). When I see a certain % bonus, I wanna get the straight % bonus and not some math heavy fomula tied everything left and right

    9. Reinvent another CP system once more: granting 0,1% up to 0,5% bonuses max to only grant a slight boost only to anything damage/mitigation/etc. related, if at all

    10. Get rid of all the different CP+Proc/NoCP+NoProc/NoCP+Proc mix we got, with changing everything to being the same

    11. 2 Types of campaigns only: 1 classic cyrodill + 1 light size cyrodiil (smaller map size, half is more than enough)

    12. Remove leaderboard and campaign length system. Make it last. Make it rewarding for everyone. Get rid of emp boosting, night capping, PvDooring, scroll trading, double teaming and winner team joining/underpop abuse/faction switch imbalance caused by this once and for all

    13. Remove runaway LoS meta. Its highly discouraging, time consuming, frustrating and unfun with everyone running around like sonic the unkillable healing tank 1vX line of sight 2 shot fotm class hedgehog

    14. Add a second tier of battlegrounds with a bigger size. Call it warzones, epic battlegrounds, or whatever. With 2 teams only and group size of 12. Solo + Premade into the same queue. Don't fear full 12 man premades or those who fear they can loss after loss because of those. It will be rare with such a big size of group. Otherwise make it 4 man groups being able to queue at max. Solo players will queue, but players with family and friends want too. So we simply need both for such a queue

    15. Rework CC and debuffs. Make CC's and debuffs/sets a thing to use for true tactical gameplay. Make CC tanks a thing again. Adjust skillsets of classes/subskillines + CC immunity mechanic to reach the balance point

    16. Adjust numbers in general to get balancing in line all around. Invent more armor/weapon/jewelry traits to open up more possibilities. Remove/move skills of skilllines where nessessary. Adjust effects/buffs/debuffs and percentages where nessessary

    17. Make emp an achievement that can be reached for casuals too, as well as removing any bonuses for getting it. We already got 1000's of emps by the time the game was released. As it stands now its nothing special anymore anyways, but on the flipside its an over the top peforming mechanic (just like the hammer) that just gets abused

    18. Fix performance

    19. Put all of this into a DLC and proof you can make this game what made this a selling point when it once got released to finally offer truely epic, balanced and rewarding PvP faction wars, making it a selling point for new players and veterans alike

    20. Let players enjoy your PvP again, so we can all recommend ESO to everyone who enjoys this kind too or once enjoyed it when it was better, so you can enjoy the profit you make from the massive PvP community that is always in need of a good and balanced fantasy medieval PvP place

    Never underestimate the PvPers. Real money you can be made there. This game still got unused potential. Your PvP system is a rough gem. Polish it! Before the competition does what you ignored to do.
  • ThreeXB
    This is all based on performance is fixed.

    1) Raise population cap to epic population again. Maybe 2000 isn't ever going to happen again but 300 is just sad.

    2) Raise Keep level back to 5 or even higher if population is raised back up. Old keep bonuses for level 3,4,5.. if raised above 5 ( level 6-10 ) stronger doors/walls, more npc adds , higher level npc's with betters skills, boss level npc's, npc's that auto counter seige etc.

    3) add doors back onto resource towers and make destructible again

    4) Add a reason for guilds to claim resources or keeps besides trader access ( guild member seige damage buff for defense, ap buff when area, combat buff, cost reduction to purchased items at claimed traders, etc )

    5) more god tier weapons like hammer

    6) give emperor map abilities, add guards to keeps, buff keeps, etc

    ***ideas all based on significantly increases population caps
  • LalMirchi
    Somehow I cannot see any improvement working without fixing Performance. This is IMHO the primary problem.
  • Lumenn
    1. Performance.

    2. Raise population cap back.

    3. Performance.

    4. Stop balancing pvp/pve together. They are 2 completely different games. Use battle spirit if you must but admit they are not the same and balance accordingly please.

    5. Performance .

    6. Add craftable siege gear. Special properties and new items(door braces, scaling ladders, traps etc) I don't understand why I can make legendary weapons and armor fit for the ages and furniture to make even the divines weep but I can't string together a ladder or even a grappling rope. They are literally IN the game but in all this time no one in cyro has thought "maybe if I move this ladder from there to here...."

    7. Performance.

    8. Get rid of the pesky limits on revive camps. Limit how many you can place to two that must be defended but one of the top complaints I've heard personally from new players(and even older ones to be honest) is horse riding simulator. It could even add a new dynamic, having to send out specialized groups while under siege to seek and destroy camps.

    9. Performance.

    10. Double AP days. Doesn't always have to be weekends. Rotate it around so that people working different shifts/different parts of the world, etc all get the "perfect" time sometimes. Weekdays would be nice too and maybe draw more players during the slow days.

    11. Lastly, and I know its a surprise, we have a minor PERFORMANCE issue. Anything added/done means nothing if that isn't fixed. We could have the ability to transform into dragons and make bombing runs over keeps raining Death and Destruction with pink unicorns shooting fireballs, and it means nothing when skills don't fire.
  • Armanie
    Forget the 3 banner war or whatever it's called, let players make their own alliances and capture castles. Let player politics and drama begin!
  • Veinblood1965
    Free Sweet Rolls for everyone when logging into the zone.
  • Lephrel
    - Give us back instant cast ultimates.
    - Reverse the block changes, fixing many of
    the bugs that were introduced by them
    (and allow us to block cancel properly
    again ).
    - Restore core skills to what they used to
    be, e.g. crystal frags stun again.

    ... And ofc: Improve performance!!!
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