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Crafting wide account achievement

Are crafting achievements and knowledge also included in the wide account or do you have to acquire them separately for each character?

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  • tmbrinks
    The achievements themselves will be unlocked on all your characters upon earning them with any others (there are one or two exceptions... enchanting maybe. I can't check as all 36 of my characters have long known all)

    But the actually knowledge to craft anything is still character based.

    Good luck on knowing now what they know without the achievements to check.
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  • Amottica
    Yes and no.

    Motifs for crafting are still character-specific iirc. Not sure what else is character-specific outside of leveling the skill line.
  • Dalitrox
    yeah, pity there is no information about achievements about crafting itself. I mean it it was in separately for each character then good for me. I am interested in this only in one of my characters not all, but not sure about this how it works, because the lack of information. I know that motifs are character-specific, but thanks for answear.
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