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Please make stealing more profitable

Please rework the Trafficker passives of Legerdemain line, double increase all ranks.
Please double or triple the value of stolen items per quality of items.
Please change the Infamous - Craft CP skills - to 100% increased value of fenced items, instead of only 25%.
Please change Cutpurse's Art - Craft CP skills - to 100% chance to get higher-quality loot when pickpocketing. Now with only increased chance the benefit isn't worth 75points and slot.

Stealing is not much profitable will actual restrictions, even if character has unlocked all thiefs passives and skills. A real thief should work without restrictions and find real treasures, not junk items worth 40-100g with a luck of getting 250g worth item from time to time.
We should be able to raise to mogul status only by stealing and keep this status without doing anything else but stealing. It's much more profitable to trade resources that can be found on the ground, than to steal. Stealing consumes more time and profits less than gathering.
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  • Ratzkifal
    This doesn't belong in the "Lore" part of the forum I feel.

    I think rather than upping the values, the Fence limit should be removed. Is there a limit on antiquities? No. Is there a limit on grinding enemies? No. Why is there a limit on stealing items then? Not to mention that it basically time-gates certain achievements that are hard enough to get already because you only have so many fence interactions per day.
    The passive that raises the interaction limit can be changed to something else.
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  • LoneStar2911
    I’m with both of you. Stealing, pickpocketing, laundering and whatever else may go along with them needs to be improved. Using thief abilities are some of my favorite activities in ESO.
    It’s not beneficial enough. And I hate the limits on laundering and fencing.
    Also, the lower the chance you have of successfully pickpocketing should highly increase the odds of you obtaining something worthwhile for taking the chance.
  • Vuskuldein
    I tried to make a thief-based character and it was so unrewarding, heh, the only reason this topic belongs in the lore forum is because it calls in to question the existence of the thieves guild? They would be out of business if game mechanics had anything to do with lore.
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