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Please make DC trigger just from NON-ultimate abilities

Soul Shriven
Everyone is running Colossus + DC +Vicious death. It's almost impossible to survive this combo in bgs. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
  • Aldoss
    Now that the double pull is gone, the only problem with this combo is if they catch you in a roll dodge animation. Otherwise, it's become one of the most easy to catch combos in the game and can be blocked and countered fully.

    I encourage you to try and learn to see it, predict, block it, and then roll on the user who now has to sit on their back bar while you wail on them.
  • CameraBeardThePirate
    You have 1 second to block when you see/hear DC activate. Once you block the actual pull, you're free to escape with a dodge if you're at the outer edge, or if you're in the center, keep holding block as you heal and walk out. Alternatively, if you run mist form just mist as soon as you hear the DC activate.

    DC is really telegraphed so if you know someone's using it, you should be able to block it with relative ease with just a little practice.

    Additionally, changing it to not proc on ult wouldn't really change anything as a necro could still proc it with plenty of other abilities (and in fact, it's beneficial to NOT proc DC with colossus as you'll miss the first tick of colossus on some of the players that get pulled if colossus procs DC)

    Edited for spelling
    Edited by CameraBeardThePirate on April 22, 2022 7:27PM
  • TechMaybeHic
    I'm not really bothered much by the actual burst attempt use of this. I'd rather go the opposite and have it only trigger from ults so at least it's not spammed enough to cover entire courtyards constantly
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