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ESO on PC Game Pass/ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits

Soul Shriven
Wondering when is ESO going to become part of Xbox's PC Game Pass? Since Microsoft's acquisition PC players who are Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have received no benefits for ESO. Console players have the game included in the service as well as discounts for crowns and dlc content. Meanwhile PC players can't even have the game under the service which I don't understand since Fallout 76 is include on PC Game Pass. So I would like to have the game on the service, along with discounts, and other perks such as ESO+ included with ultimate; or at the very least the unlimited craft bag inventory unlocked for ultimate members. Just some sort of benefit towards The Elder Scrolls online for being an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber.
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  • Blinx
    back when I had Gamepass, only the base game was included, ESO+ def wasn't, there was a small discount on crowns, but not enough for me to keep paying for Gamepass, and ESO+
    (this was before MS purchased them, so it's possible bigger discounts available now)
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  • ShawnLaRock
    ESO, and a ton of other Bethesda games are on Game Pass for XBOX, at least. Not sure how the list differs for PC.

    Before I had actual copies of Greymoor & Blackwood for my alt accounts, Game Pass & any accounts on my home XBOX were able to use Live Gold (still requires sub to use any online games).

  • essi2
    ESO is afaik the only Zenimax game that isn't on both Console and PC Gamepass.

    Why? I do not know.
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  • Supersuperguy
    They took ESO off gamepass for PC; which sucks because I really like cloud streaming. They did this back in FEB due to server issues, but months later......ESO has yet to return on Ultimate.......Boo!!!!!!!!!

    My question is when is the damn game coming back?????
  • GizmoMKD
    Soul Shriven
    the game is missing on PC Game Pass... end of 2023...
  • Elsonso
    essi2 wrote: »
    ESO is afaik the only Zenimax game that isn't on both Console and PC Gamepass.

    Why? I do not know.

    Well, ZOS is a separate studio and ESO is already well established on PC through the Bethesda Store, Steam, and Epic. Maybe that has something to do with it.
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  • TaSheen
    I really hate things like gamepass.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • Bo0137
    While ESO+ on the gamepass would be GREAT, I'd be ok to be offered a PC NA access via xCloud. It would be enough for me!
    I crave one day playing my character on mobile...
    They put access to Xbox NA. Why not PC NA? It doesn't make sense...
    -On my shoulder, Ms. Ahvine
  • ZOS_Icy

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