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Are the Crystal's in Blackreach a valuable mineral?

The massive crystals are prolific throughout the Blackreach caverns, and Blackreach, contrary to what legends and rumors in-game suggest, is rather simple to get to. If the Crystal ends up having a practical use either in Magical application or Technology then Skyrim is sitting atop a goldmine.
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  • Supreme_Atromancer
    Ha, great point!

    I think I read some time ago that it was the type of crystal from which soul gems can be made, and I think some of the community there are actively mining it?
  • Malyore
    Isn't that all aetherium? If so, it's one of the most powerful materials out there. Even so, nobody can do anything with it. Only the dwemer knew how to utilize it. To anyone else it's an inert, indestructible rock.
    If miners are going after it, then they're either digging around the nodes and wasting their efforts, or it's not aetherium at all.
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