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Can we get a Breton-related Loremaster Q&A, or even bring them back full-time?

With the High Isle Chapter Preview just around the corner, and the PTS cycle likely starting the week after that, I thought now might be a good time to ask whether we might get a Loremaster Q&A like last year! @ZOS_RichLambert once said on his Stream channel that a reason they stopped doing them was because of a lack of engagement, which I think is a shame, since the Q&A's allow for the lore and roleplaying communities to ask about things that the Chapters and DLCs might not touch upon. Despite the little engagement from the overall playerbase, I think the Loremaster Q&A's are invaluable to both communities, since it really helps flesh out the TES world.

With the focus on the Arthurian vibes in the reveal stream earlier this year, a Breton Q&A would allow players to ask about the more obscure Breton content that might have been missed by ZOS, such as the Bretons' creation myth, Wayrest's "furry conventions," the Bretons' reputation as being intelligent and creative thinkers, or Bretons being described as inventive wizards, what makes the Bretonic Wyrd Covens different from Reachmen, or obscure Breton deities, and a heap of other things!

What are people's thoughts on this? Do you agree that it would be worthwhile to bring them back this year, perhaps even full-time?

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Former completionist with all achievements unlocked up until Update 29 (Flames of Ambition). Avid RPer, writer, and former Breton lover. Then Legacy of the Bretons was released and I realized just how boring and uninspired the Bretons are according to the writers.
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    We only had lack of engagement because (IIRC) we never got clear deadlines for our submissions. :( I would love to see these come back.
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  • Supreme_Atromancer
    Yes please. Bring back the lore Q&As!
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