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Emperor buged??

Hello, I secured all 6 keeps around IC for EP and I was ranked no.1 on bord when last keep was taken but didn't get Emperor.
  • DrSlaughtr
    Was the previous EMP on your alliance? Did they drop while you still had EMP keeps that were never lost?

    If emperor drops campaign while EMP you have to lose all EMP keeps in order to crown a new EMP of the same alliance.
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  • M0R_Gaming
    Yup, pretty much what EndBringer said. If an emperor abdicates without losing all their keeps, they become a 'Ghost Emp' and that faction cannot claim emp until they lose all their emp keeps.

    A while ago I wrote a simple script that would tell you which faction had ghost emp. I think it should still work, so if you copy-paste this into your ingame chat then it should tell you who has ghost emp. (only works on PC/Mac)
    /script local alliance,_,name = GetCampaignAbdicationStatus(GetCurrentCampaignId()); local alli = zo_strformat(SI_ALLIANCE_NAME, GetAllianceName(alliance)); if alliance == 0 then d("There is no Ghost Emp") else d(name.." of the ".. alli.. " is the Ghost Emp") end
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  • NeonLord
    Looks like it was a problem with ghost emp. I logged off for a few hours and when AD got EMP then I went back in and got it without any problems. Tnx for the info
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