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Is there an Add-On that forces quest order?

Or more specifically prevents you from accepting quests out of order? Specifically main quests, I know it would be unlikely to impossible to manage the order of every side quest since they can commonly be isolated and untied to any main story.

  • Necrotech_Master
    do you mean like the ones for cadwells gold/silver main quest ones?

    like for example you should have to do stonefalls quests before deshaan quests and it just hides the deshaan story quests until the stonefalls main story is completed (according to the zone guide type of thing)
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  • Easily_Lost
    I think the OP is talking more about the zone quests. The way it is now you could accept them in any order.

    To answer part of your question this addon might help:
    The Questing Guide ( https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info2612-TheQuestingGuide.html ).
    It will show you each step in the zone story quests, and show you on the map what where the next step is.
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