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Update 33 Console Known Issues

Community Manager
Hi everyone,

Below, you’ll find a list of issues that we expect to be present when Update 33 launches on consoles tomorrow, March 29, based on issues that occurred during PC launch a couple weeks ago. Please note this list is not comprehensive and only covers issues that are of a higher impact.
  • The first time you log in after downloading the update, it will likely take longer than expected to get into the game due to backend account updates relating to Account Wide Achievements. Once this completes, all future load times should return to normal.
  • Your map will occasionally display completed POIs (including World Bosses, Dolmens and Delves) as incomplete. This will be fixed in the first incremental patch.
  • Occasionally, you may briefly get changed to first person view while in third person view. We are working on a fix for this for a future incremental patch.
  • There may be rare instances where you could get booted from the game with Error 326 and unable to log back into that character. If you run into this issue, please submit a ticket at account.elderscrollsonline.com.

For visibility, the following issues that occurred during PC launch will not be present during tomorrow’s console launch of Update 33:
  • Exceptionally long load screens when jumping between different zones or activities.
  • Issues with the Activity Finder queue.
  • Crashing immediately upon starting the game or before reaching character select.
  • Game settings suddenly reverting.
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