Strongest Templar Ever? Magplar PvP Build

Here's my Update 33 S Tier Magplar PvP build that’s simple, hits like a hammer and can survive dog piles. I give you options and flexibility in the gear choices and skills. Check video below if you want to watch the build explanation. Thanks for reading!

Table of Contents
  • Should You Play This Build?
  • Skills
  • Rotation
  • Gear
  • Passives Skills
  • Race
  • Mundus Stone
  • Champion Points
  • Consumables
  • Wrap Up

Should you play this build?
The ESO Magicka Templar PvP Build is ideal for players looking to for maximum survivability with high burst potential.  Magplar PvP is a great place to start because it’s simple and yet effective with your main spammable damage ability that also heals you.  Now the way ESO scales abilities and procs with spell damage, you have great survivability and burst.  I’ve taken this thing into high MMR Battlegrounds, outnumbered Cyrodiil and Imperial City and it works well solo or grouped.
  • Insane self healing
  • Very simple offensive loadout
  • Great against gankers/stealth play
  • Sacrifices some offensive potential for survivability
  • Gear can be difficult to obtain

Bar One: Lighting Staff, 2h or Dual Wield your preference
Lighting staff gives you 10% AoE damage, Two Hander gives follow-up passive, high spell damage and stamina upon kills, Dual Wield gives most damage but not burst of a Two Hander.  They are all good choices depending on your playstyle and needs.  I prefer 2h with fully charged heavy attack/crescent sweeps combo.
  • Toppling Charge (Morph of Focused Charge | Skill line: Aedric Spear) - A hard hitting gap closer that procs off balance.  Off balance is useful for sustain as you can rip off a fully charged heavy attack for 2x the resource sustain. The trick with this ability is to setup the combo and stun the opponent just before Purify Light explodes.
  • Purifying Light (Morph of Backlash | Skill line: Dawns Wrath) - burst damage, procs minor spell damage bonus and heals at base of target. This is your killing tool as it soaks up damage like a balloon. After 6 seconds, a percentage of the amount of damage you've done is released for huge burst. The trick to killing players is to fill up the damage, stun and sweeps right as it explodes. This also scales in effectiveness from spell damage.
  • Degeneration (Morph of Entropy | Skill line: Mages Guild) - damage over time which also gives us our spell power buff. Consider this your flex spot on your front bar BUT you'll need to use spell power potions in order to get that buff. Flare from Support gives damage reduction, Radiant Glory acts as execute, and many more. I prefer very simple and not complex.
  • Puncturing Sweep (Morph of Puncturing Strikes | Skill line: Aedric Spear) - AoE main spammable that heals us based on the damage done. This hits in a massive cone and the strength is you get great healing while doing damage. Just make sure to keep up your Living Dark "bubble" when you go on offense for even more survivability.
  • Living Dark (Morph of Eclipse | Skill line: Dawns Wrath) - Our main survivability tool that puts a bubble on us for 6 seconds. You’ll get healed every half second taking damage making you very strong. This has a high magicka cost and scales off max health or max spell damage. Having one or both high helps you become very hard to kill. Use this before charging in or retreating. I also keep this on the same key as my honor the dead burst heal that way no matter what bar I’m on, I know to click my 5 key.
  • Crescent Sweep (Morph of Radial Sweep | Skill line: Aedric Spear) - This is our low cost nuke ultimate. The strength of the skill is “enemies hit in your path will be hit for 60% more damage.” Thus, nailing it after stunning opponents can result in massive burst damage. Even against tanky players with my buffs up and debuffs applied this thing can hit for 12,000.

Bar Two: Restoration Staff buffs and healing
Restoration staff, Sword and Shield or even Ice Staff are great back bar setups.  The strength of Resto is fully charge heavy attacks for major mending and magicka sustain.  The benefit of sword and shield is using stamina for block mitigation when taking tons of pressure.  Frost Staff can either use magicka or stamina for blocking and gives as much damage reduction as Sword and Shield and you can use a spell damage enchant and have some range.  Experiment with what works best.
  • Channeled Focus (Morph of Rune Focus | Skill line: Restoring Light) - This skill will give you resource sustain and your armor buff. You’ll also get nice healing standing in the small rune IF you have a high health pool. I’d recommend newer players or folks unfamiliar with PvP to run max HP due to this ability and Living Dark scaling off max health.
  • Extended Ritual (Morph of Cleansing Ritual | Skill line: Restoring Light) - One of the strongest defensive abilities in the game giving you a cleanse of up to 5 negative effects with one cast. The gear set Plaguebreak may give you some problems in larger groups, but in small or solo situations it’s worth casting ritual to remove 5 DoTs and take a little more damage. This is part two to your templar “house.” KEEP IN MIND, I flex if Flare from Support skill line if constantly getting hit by plaguebreak as it'll kill you and your group.
  • Race Against Time (Morph of Accelerate | Skill line: Psijic Order) - You have two choices for mobility skills Race Against Time vs Elusive Mist in Stage 3 Vampire. Mist provides the greatest survivability combined with the Undeath passive HOWEVER, you'll have to manage your resources more effectively. Whereas, Race Against Time is very useful and easier on the sustain management. I don't play this as a vampire any longer and prefer RAT.
  • Rapid Regeneration (Morph of Regeneration | Skill line: Restoration Staff) - This is a great heal over time however the other morph gives more group utility. If I'm using sword and shield, I usually slot Repentance in this keep for near infinite stamina sustain. Find a complimentary heal that goes alongside your burst heal for best results.
  • Honor The Dead (Morph of Rushed Ceremony | Skill line: Restoring Light) - Great burst heal that gives a bit of sustain back. The trick is to not relay on this ability unless you are very low. You’ll want heals from your rune, bubble, and ritual to do the majority of the work as this gets costly especially in no CP situations.
  • Life Giver (Morph of Panacea | Skill line: Restoration Staff) - This ultimate provides "oh crap" near invincibility for 5 seconds. You'll need to make sure you have Healing Ward, Rapid Regeneration and Combat Pray unlocked in the Resto line to take full advantage as it'll cast them all immediately. If using Sword and Shield, I use the Spell War ultimate and if I'm using Frost Staff I go with Remembrance from Restoring Light skill line.

- Rune, Ritual, Race Against time, bar swap
- Degen, Purifying Light on primary target, Toppling, Crescent
- Sweeps 1-2x times
- If not dead, put up Living Dark and peel back
Lands Crescent right after toppling charge and just prior to Purifying Light going off.  This way the target cannot break free and react to in the incoming heap of damage.

This is my go-to playing high MMR battlegrounds, outnumbered PvP and Imperial City Sewers.

Magma Incarnate: obtained in Veteran Dread Cellar dungeon.
- WHY? Best all around 2pc monster helm for solo or small group.
- Engine Guardian = resource sustain
- Scourge Harvest = good self-healing
- Balorgh = burst damage
- Zoal = counter gank.

Ironblood: obtained in Falkreath hold veteran dungeon.
WHY? The most tanky 5pc back bar set in the game.  You’ll be slow but insane tanky.
- Daedric Trickery = great all-around defensive
- Mark of the Pariah = good for armor keep on body all times
- Buffer of the Swift = awesome damage reduction
- Grace of Gloom = insane survivability if you have high health

War Maiden: obtained in overland Vvardenfell.
WHY? Great damage on front bar.
- Soulshine = good spell damage front bar set
- New Moon Acolyte = great spell damage on front bar

Markyn Ring of Majesty: obtained through ESO Mythics/antiquities system:
You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item. Location of the 5 pieces:
- Deadlands Fargrave –  Firescourge Band –  Daily Reward Coffer
- Deadlands –  Mindcleaver Loop –  Den of the Unmaker world boss
- Coldharbour –  Morpholith Shank –  Treasure chests
- Banished Cell 1 or 2 normal or vet –  Ruinblood Coil – Trash mobs in The Banished Cells 1 and 2
- Deadlands –  Searing Gem  kill Daedrats
WHY? best damage per one piece and it helps defensives as well.
- Torc of Tonal Constancy = Sustain
- Gaze of Sithis = survivability thought changes up setup
- Death Dealer’s Fete = high max stats
- Malacath’s Band of Brutality = sustained DPS
- Pale Order = solo play survivability
- Wild Hunt = insane speed in open world

Armor of the Trainee: obtained in overland starter areas or trader.
WHY? 1pc only used for little more stats.
High Damage

This gear sets priorities burst damage with survivability.

Magma Incarnate: obtained in Veteran Dread Cellar dungeon.
WHY? Best all around 2pc monster helm for solo or small group.
- Engine Guardian = resource sustain
- Scourge Harvest = good self-healing
- Balorgh = burst damage
- Zoal = counter gank.

Perfect Vestment of Olorime: obtained in Veteran Cloudrest
WHY? The most spell damage and the highest uptime with a back bar set.  Keep in mind, if you flex this out, you’ll most likely need to change the front/back bar combo since this can be proc’d with rune/ritual which makes it uniquely strong.
- Ironblood = most mitigation possible
- Daedric Trickery = great all-around defensive
- Mark of the Pariah = good for armor keep on body all times
- Buffer of the Swift = awesome damage reduction
- Grace of Gloom = insane survivability if you have high health

Kynmarcher’s Cruelty: obtained in Deadlands zone or through guild traders.
WHY? This gives us massive AoE debuffs that can result in much less damage for the opposition or increased damage for us.  All around it’s easy to obtain and works incredibly well.
- War Maiden = great spell damage if using front bar
- Soulshine = good spell damage front bar set
- New Moon Acolyte = great spell damage on front bar
- Clever Alchemist = insane burst potential

This setup is made for Cyrodiil Campaigns or IC that doesn't allow proc sets.

Desktop hover for set bonuses, mobile click once for set bonuses
Magma Incarnate: obtained in Veteran Dread Cellar dungeon.
- WHY? we are just using this for the resource sustain it provides.

War Maiden: obtained in overland Morrowind or through guild traders.
- WHY? great damage that applies to nearly all damage abilities. Flex in Deadly if you want to do just Jabs.

Mark of Pariah: obtained in Wrothgar overland zone or through guild traders.
- WHY? best damage mitigation set in no-proc PvP.

Blessing of the Potentates:
- WHY? best back bar defensive set.

Torc of Tonal Constancy: obtained thru ESO mythic system
- WHY? this actually works in no proc PvP and gives us god tier sustain.

Make sure to focus on maxing out the following passives skills as they add performance to your character:
- Aedric Spear
- Dawn’s Wrath
- Restoring Light
- Light Armor
- Medium Armor
- Heavy Armor
- Undaunted
- Fighter’s Guild (optional)
- Mage’s Guild (optional)
- Undaunted (must have)
- Psijic (optional)
- Crafting Alchemy (Medicinal Use for potion duration)
- Race
- Alliance War
- World Vampire if using

High Elf
Best overall in terms of damage, survivability and sustain. Reason being, you have a unique passive giving 5% damage reduction on channel abilities which is KEY for Magplar.

Health 34 / Stamina 0 / Magicka 30

Mundus Stone
Atronach - Bonus: Increases Magicka Recovery by 310 (535 with 8 Legendary Divine Traits). Location: Greenshade, Rivenspire, Shadowfen and Cyrodiil

Champion Points
Duelist's Rebuff (Slottable) - 50Reduces your damage taken by single target attacks by 2% per stage.
Ironclad (Slottable) - 50Reduces your damage taken by direct damage attacks by 2% per stage.
Untamed Aggression (Slottable) - 50Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 3 per stage.
Master-at-Arms (Slottable) - 50Increases your damage done with direct damage attacks by 2% per stage.
Flex Spot(s): If you can afford, take these passives as they add power without a slottable:
- Precision (20), Piercing (20), Eldritch Insight (20), Flawless Ritual (40), War Mage (30), Quick Recovery (20), Preparation (20), Elemental Aegis (20), Hardy (20), Blessed (20), Tireless Discipline (20), Battle Mastery (40), & Mighty (30)

Boundless Vitality (Slottable) - 50Grants 28 Max Health per stage.
Slippery (Slottable) - 50When you are affected by a disabling effect, you automatically Break Free for no cost. After using this effect, you become Winded and cannot trigger this effect or others like it for 21 seconds.
Pain's Refuge (Slottable) - 50Reduces your damage taken by 1% per negative effect active on you, up to a maximum of 20%.
Fortified (Slottable) - 50Grants 34.6 Armor per stage.
Flex Spot(s): If you can afford, take these passives as they add power without a slottable:
- Tumbling (30), Mystic Tenacity (10), Hero’s Vigor (20), Shield Master (10), Defiance (20), Hasty (16), Tireless Guardian (20), Fortification (30), Sprinter (20), Nimble Protector (6), Savage Defense (30), Bashing Brutality (20), & Piercing Gaze (30)

Gifted Rider (Passives) - 50Increases your Mount Speed by 2% per stage.
War Mount (Slottable) - 30Improves your mastery with mounts, removing all mount Stamina costs outside of combat.
Liquid Efficiency (Slottable) - 75Whenever you use a potion or poison you have a 10% chance to not consume it.
Steed's Blessing (Slottable) - 50Increases your out of combat Movement Speed by .4% per stage.
Flex Spot(s): If you can afford, take these passives as they add power without a slottable:
- Breakfall (50), Wanderer (75), Steadfast Enchantment (50), Fortune’s Favor (40), Gilded Fingers (50), & Inspiration Boost (45)

Clockwork Citrus
Type: Foods Increase Max Health by 3724, Health Recovery by 351, Max Magicka by 3458 and Magicka Recovery by 319 for 2 hours
Tri-Pots Restore 7329 Health, 6618 Magicka, and 6618 Stamina immediately. Grants Major Fortitude, Major Intellect, and Major Endurance which increase your Health Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Stamina Recovery by 20% for 31.7 seconds. These effects are scaled based on your level.
Escapist's Poison IX Immobilizes your target and grants you unstoppable, rendering you immune to control effects for 1.6 seconds. This poison will also break you free of ongoing control effects. Inflects hindrance to your target and grants you major expedition, reducing their movement speed by 40% and increasing your movement speed by 30% for 2.3 seconds. Drains stamina from your target, increasing the cost of their stamina abilities by 10% and restores 238 stamina per second to you for 2.3 seconds. (10s cooldown).

Thanks for reading, and check me out on if you like my work!
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