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I miss hireling messages

Will we ever see new hireling messages? Some of the most memorable, diverse, and fun characters in the game for me were hirelings.

I really enjoyed logging in every day to read them--and I know I'm not the only one--but there haven't been any updates in years, if I'm not mistaken. The bits of story always made up for any crummy RNG on materials. I remember hunting all over a number of fansites to see the text of a mail I accidentally deleted before reading it because I didn't want to miss a piece of the story.

It would also be nice if the existing (and future? :blush: ) hireling messages were compiled into a Lore Book or an entry in Shalidor's Eidetic Memory library.
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    You are not mistaken; I stopped playing before Greymoor and came back about the time of Deadlands and there were no new messages on my return; that was a little less than two years.

    If it helps UESP has a pretty good archive.
    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!
    A useful explanation for how RNG works
  • FlopsyPrince
    I don't miss them. Another advantage of addons on the PC is removing the need to even view those.

    Interesting for the first time, but not after that.
    PS4 (Not really active)
  • Fizzyapple
    It would be great if they extended the stories into some full blown character development with plots etc. Maybe even connect them to a quest down the road. I love reading the lore books I find and some of the writing is really good imo. I love some of the poems too. An entire novel laid out overtime through hireling messages would be fantastic.

    I know its a bit much and that they need to put their resources elsewhere but one can hope.
  • whitecrow
    I haven't used hirelings in ages but I loved these too, and was sad when they stopped. It has been a few years.
  • Erebear
    Am I missing something or did something change? I get them every day!?!?

    The wife has a message from Zukki that is the same everyday, but she gets all the other ones as well.
  • Sczymyx
    Soul Shriven
    I'm 100% with you on this. I took a year and a half break from playing and when I came back a few weeks ago, the emails were still the final ones for each mat. I'd hoped that after 2 full expansions, there would be new hireling messages.

    I bet there are enough creative fans that Bethesda could hold a contest and end-up with a library of stories, long and short, for each role.
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