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Cant join campaign on multiple characters without abandoning

Soul Shriven
I alliance swapped a few toons to play a different faction. I unlocked Grey Host for all my blues. Joined on AD and am even on the leaderboard. I cannot play any other AD character as every one says something about one of your characters from a different alliance being in there when they definitely aren't hence why I am able to play AD.... I have to legit abandon campaign every time just to play a different character on AD. I have sent in multiple tickets and have heard nothing back. Anyone else know a fix for this? Xbox NA
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  • JaRqUe50
    I am dealing with a similar issue...I usually play Blackreach but decided to join Gray Host.. Last campaign I was able to join and never needed to make it my home, I was able to just go play over there (Although not rank up the leaderboard)

    So the new campaign starts and now it is telling me in order to join the queue and play over there, I have to make it my home campaign, and and spend 150k alliance points to change alliances in order to do so. This doesn't sound right because I always play AD, there is no way I ever joined with another alliance.

    I am going to submit a ticket, if something works out I will report back. Btw Im on PS NA, so maybe the consoles are similar
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  • ZOS_Bill
    @Smokythemattman and @JaRqUe50

    What is your current ticket number?

    We can check on the current status and provide an update.
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  • Karivaa
    This is what happens. I inquired about it also. You have to pay gold to abandon a campaign and then pay to join a campaign. It is quite expensive to move all of our characters.
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