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Simple way to make bg's endurable and enjoyable

Just some thoughts and ideas from someone grinding out GO in battlegrounds

Can we shorten death match to 10 minutes?
its bound to be un balanced where one team deletes the other or a full 15 mins of everyone doing 2-3m dmg and healing with a high score of 90 for the win.

the biggest thing that could be done is change how a "kill" is awarded instead of last hit where anyone who drops below 75% gets 8v1. everyone just spamming for that kill shot. if it was a damage total people may engage longer with targets and stick on it without having everyone dog pile on each individual.

possibly a 2 team game to limit the chances of 8v1 and address the declining population of bg's

changing healing and skill damage from scaling off the same stat. stacking WD/SD gives you the highest dps and the biggest heals, where is the trade off?

I'd love to see some innovation in pvp, I know its way harder than pve content to produce but after 8 years on this game its starting to feel like its falling behind and I hate playing it to only be frustrated lately.

also the rewards of the worthy cannot be deleted fast enough searching for the occasional transmute its a massive inventory issue. please make the rewards less common but maybe better drop rates or ability to opt out for extra AP or telvar something bank friendly.

since we are not doing account wide alliance rank,
can we assign a char to receive ap for us? id love to play alts and keep my Grand overlord toon moving..staying stuck on one char for years grinding that out is a common issue for a lot of people. especially if that char is bottom tier. it can be a huge deterrent to trying new chars that may even be more fun to play

  • worrallj
    Other bg modes would be neat. In particular I'd like to see 2v2 or even 1v1 with leaderboards. I think that'd be neat.

    They will not make changes to make inventory management easier- that is their main stick they hit u with with to incentivise ESO+.

    WD/SD is fine imo. The tradeoff is in magnitude - sure a set that boosts SD is gone benefit both damage and healing. But a set that boosts pen is usually gonna benefit damage significantly *more*. So that's the kind of tradeoff involved.
  • RitualSmoke
    I couldnt even begin to attempt to manage my inventory if I didnt have ESO+ even with it its so bad after 8 years of playing i just have a ton of good trait items
  • Amottica
    1. There are some who like DM matches. It is why there has been a thing about having a DM-only queue. Shortening the match would take away from them.

    2. Total damage for the "kill" would take away from tank builds and possibly rewards others inappropriately.

    3. 2 teams instead of 3 teams would simplify the match design and likely have the objective, and even DM matches make more sense.

    4. There has been innovation in PvP. BGs were a big innovation. Before that it was IC. PvP does not directly add to revenue for the game and is a secondary aspect of ESO. It is not harder to create new PvP content, just not where the major focus of the game or revenue drivers are.

    Anyhow. It is good to share one's perspective. Thank you for doing so.
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