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Returning Player - What To Do?

Hi. I haven’t played since the current chapter released. I maybe played a month into it. It just didn’t hold my attention. It didn’t even begin to give me the ES: Oblivion vibes I had been hoping for.

Now after playing some single player games, I’m missing ESO.

I’m wondering if there’s anything new I should do or try to collect? Stuff that’s been added to the game over the last several months. If anything.

Thanks for your time!
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  • Xarc
    there's pvp event
    @xarcs FR-EU-PC - since april.2014 -
    "La mort, c'est surfait.", Xarc
  • Heartrage
    They added the deadland dlc.
    There’s curated loot from bosses if you liked to collect sets.
    At the moment, there’s the pvp event.
    They probably added new dungeons and trial since you stopped playing.
    If you haven’t played with companions, you could get them in blackwood and try content you couldn’t do alone before.
  • Magenpie
    I agree with @Heartrage - the companions really help exploring content you might not have investigated before. I came back to the game last week and I've been running about the public dungeons having a great time. So definitely gather your party and venture forth!

    The single best bit of advice I can give to a fellow returning player - DON'T SELL ANYTHING - until you've got your bearings again. And the best way to start is simply picking up a questline. That way, you'll have a bit of purpose, will get into the combat system again and will have a hook into finding out what's new.

    I'm really enjoying Blackwood, and I've not finished the main quest yet, but if you find the Oblivion portal events a tad baffling, you are not alone. I can't ever find a group to run through them, or I run in and the boss is dead and everyone has left already. I gather the boss can respawn but I've never waited because there's no way I'd be able to solo it. But apart from them, it's been really good fun so far!

    WB o/
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