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Server infrastructure is so bad, it's not even funny

As the title says, server infrastructure is not prepared for the event at all. I play BG regularly and before the event my ping in BG is 80-120ms usually. Now I got spikes for 3000, 8000 or even 12000ms or forced to try to do something with 500ms for prolonged periods. Which is obviously a death sentence, second one is spam some aoe twice, heal rinse and repeat and pray the some skills conntect. But today it just kicks me out of the match, already twice in the last 1-1.5h. Murphy's law: of course that were that matches my team was winning with 400+ score and significant contribution from my side. And yeah, add salt to the wound: deserter penalty. This is ridiculus. We are in the cloud era for years, yet it's so hard to predict traffic spike for ZOS. Pathetic.
EDIT: Third disconnect in two hours. Amazing event, thanks ZOS!
Edited by Ratharel on February 21, 2022 1:39PM
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