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Only Deathmatch Battlegrounds?

I noticed that there was a queue for random solo battlegrounds that claims to have games other than deathmatch. Every time I have queued it, I have gotten deathmatch. This should be a statistical impossibility. I know there have been problems with fake tanks, and fake healers. Now we seem to have fake queues.

Has anyone gotten a battleground other than deathmatch?
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  • draigwyrdd
    Non-deathmatch bgs do happen, but rarely. They happen more often in the group random queue.
  • Necrotech_Master
    its not an impossibility when the random queue is rigged in favor of DM due to the DM only queue (DM only can pull from random and vice versa, but you see how this is a problem where one is random and one is a fixed option)

    it wont be back to full random until U33
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  • M0ntie
    This has been a huge topic of discussion. Yes the “random” BG queue gives 99% DM. Being fixed in an upcoming patch.
  • luen79rwb17_ESO
    Fake queue is the best way to call it

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  • DragonRacer
    When my friend decided to try and grind transmute crystals, we queued as a group of two having never done BGs before. Chose the non-deathmatch queue every time because we were curious about the game-themed ones.

    It's been literally weeks of doing a few BGs a day and we still have only ever gotten deathmatch. I question if Chaos Ball or any of the other supposed modes I have heard about actually exist. It's very disappointing, and been a huge turn-off from running BGs at all. Especially when we aren't great at PvP, so it's just die-respawn-die-respawn-die-respawn hoping it will all end soon since there's... no other objective.
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  • SerafinaWaterstar
    I like it how it is now.

    Have def got more ‘other’ bgs than the tedious death match, which is excellent - as usually the try-hards treat all bgs as death match, don’t play the objective and so lose!
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