PvE Magicka Dragonknight 100k Budget Build

During my Twitch Livestream I was able no death complete Veteran Vateshrah Hollows with my Magicka Dragonknight using only 100,000 gold. No monster, no mythics, and I explain how. I also give some tips on more optimal builds. Here’s the details with links to other content you may find helpful.


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Light Attack Weaving
Reach 50 Tips
Start ESO Off Right

Front Bar (Inferno Staff)
  • Inner Light (Morph of Magelight | Skill line: Mages Guild) - slotting increases max magicka increase making us hit harder and provides critical buff.
  • Burning Embers (Morph of Searing Strike | Skill line: Ardent Flame) - Damage over time that can be reapplied for a massive heal and feeds sustain via Combustion passive.
  • Cauterize (Morph of Inferno | Skill line: Ardent Flame) – incredible burst heal that can be cast on or left running for heals every 5 seconds. I put this on the front in same position as my 3 key on back so no matter what bar I’m on, I have a survival skills.
  • Molten Whip (Morph of Lava Whip | Skill line: Ardent Flame) - (morph of Lava Whip | Dragonknight/Ardent Flame skill line): main spammable single target attack that can be buffed by other Ardent Flame dots for a BIG WHIP!
  • Engulfing Flames (Morph of Fiery Breath | Skill line: Ardent Flame) - (morph of Fiery Breath | Dragonknight/Ardent Flame skill line): Blast a fiery breath at enemies, dealing AOE flame damage over time.
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker (Morph of Dawnbreaker | Skill line: Fighters Guild) - (morph of Dawnbreaker | Guild/Fighters skill line): reworked in latest update to give spell damage of 300 for 20 seconds and passive spell damage of 3% for slotting on our spammable bar.

Back Bar (Inferno Staff or Lighting for Cheap)
  • Elemental Drain (Morph of Weakness to Elements | Skill line: Destruction Staff) – single target debuff used to strip armor and for resource sustain. This is your flex spot on your back bar. Trap beast is a good alternative.
  • Cinder Storm (Morph of Ash Cloud | Skill line: Earthen Heart) – Extremely strong heal over time and with this morph you sacrifice damage. You use this because you lack constant heals per second but with this it’s no problem!
  • Harness Magicka (Morph of Annulment | Skill line: Light Armor) - (morph of Annulment | Armor/Light armor skill line): A shield that absorbs damage for 6 seconds and helps you restore magicka when you take damage.
  • Draw Essence (Morph of Inhale | Skill line: Draconic Power) – awesome back bar heal on demand that also does great AoE and cost less the more mobs around you.
  • Unstable Wall Of Elements (Morph of Wall of Elements | Skill line: Destruction Staff) - Massive AoE damage that explodes and procs our Maelstrom weapon on our back bar use fire staff for optimal damage.
  • Standard Of Might (Morph of Dragonknight Standard | Skill line: Ardent Flame) - Powerful damage over time ultimate that also applies major defile to enemies, decreasing their health recovery and healing received. Great to use this if you’re running low on resources.
I use this for 100,000 gold buying strictly off traders or farming myself.

Silks of the Sun: obtained in Stonefalls overland zone or from guild traders.
  • (2 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance
  • (3 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • (4 items) Adds 129 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage
  • (5 items) Adds 400 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage to your Flame Damage abilities.
Why? Buffs nearly all of our damage, overland and dirt cheap! Use Withered Hand if you struggle with sustain and healing (from Alik’r)

Burning Spell Weave from City of Ash: work on obtaining front bar destruction staff or daggers and jewelry. Change jewelry to bloodthirsty for higher damage and obtained charge trait or nirn/charge for dual wield setup.

Mother’s Sorrow: obtained in overland zone Deshaan or from guild traders (delves, dolmans, world bosses, chest).
  • (2 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • (3 items) Adds 657 Spell Critical
  • (4 items) Adds 657 Spell Critical
  • (5 items) Adds 1528 Spell Critical

WHY? easy to obtain and works well at every stage of the game including end game trials!

False Gods from Sunspire: ideal of solo play with crazy sustain and mobility and decent damage.
Bahesi from Rockgrove: super high DPS in coordinated groups.

Willpower: obtained through dungeon finder, imperial city area or traders.
  • (2 items) Adds 1752 Maximum Magicka
  • (3 items) not active
Why? Dirt cheap 2pc until you can obtain maelstrom weapons.

Maelstrom Staff: work on obtaining a back bar destruction staff (flame) from VMA for highers damage. Get non-perfected if you cannot complete Vet or willpower on back bar.
Races- Dark Elf: all around great if you want to switch between magicka/stamina build though lacks resources sustain
Attributes - Magicka: 64
Mundus Stone - Thief - Increases the Critical Strike rating by 1333. With 7 Divines armor pieces: Increases the Critical Strike rating by 2167.

Champion Points
Fighting Finesse (Slottable) - 50 | Increases your Critical Damage and Critical Healing done by 2% per stage.
Deadly Aim (Slottable) - 50 | Increase your damage done with single target attacks by 2% per stage.
Master-at-Arms (Slottable) - 50 | Increases your damage done with direct damage attacks by 2% per stage.
Thaumaturge (Slottable) - 50 | Increases your damage done with damage over time effects by 2% per stage.
Boundless Vitality (Slottable) - 50 | Grants 28 Max Health per stage.
Siphoning Spells (Slottable) - 50 | Restore 300 Magicka per stage, whenever you kill an enemy.
Bastion (Slottable) - 50 | Increases the effectiveness of your damage shields and damage against shielded enemies by 3% per stage.
Fortified (Slottable) - 50 | Grants 34.6 Armor per stage.
Steed's Blessing (Slottable) - 50 | Increases your out of combat Movement Speed by .4% per stage.
Rationer (Passives) - 50 | Adds 10 minutes to the duration of any food or drink that increases your character's stats per stage.
Liquid Efficiency (Slottable) - 50 | Whenever you use a potion or poison you have a 10% chance to not consume it.
Treasure Hunter (Slottable) - 50 | Increase the quality of items you find in treasure chests.

Witchmother's Brew Type: Foods CHEAP: Increase Max Magicka by 2856, Max Health by 3094, and Magicka Recovery by 315 for 2 hours.
Alliance War (bought with AP) Type: Potions
Grants major sorcery with increases spell damage by 20% for 47.6 seconds. Grants major prophecy which grants you 2191 spell critical rating for 47.6 seconds. Restore 7582 magicka immediately. Grants you major intellect which increases your magicka recovery by 20% for 47.6. Potions have a 45 second cool down and make sure you have three points into medicinal use passive in alchemy crafting.

Thanks for viewing and that’s a wrap!
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