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BGS Class Balance/Number of players Matchmaking

Soul Shriven
Ive been playing BGs for a while and I noticed that there are instances were a team gets to have 3-4 NB, while other team has 2 DKs or 3Sorc.
I think it would be healthier for the game if a team has 4 Nbs or 3 Sorcs (or any class) they'd be spread evenly.
Also this week I had a game were, I was alone against 2 four men team.. Would be nice if there was a checkpoint 5 seconds after the game started so. 1 player of each enemy team
would be swapped to my team, that'd make 3 teams out of 3 players.
Is that achievable?
  • Necrotech_Master
    there could be any number of reasons one team is shorthanded on people

    it would be nice if the teams were rebalanced, but how would you do that if you were playing group queue and go in as a premade group of 2-4 people? you would be mad if your groupmate all the sudden got placed on one of the enemy teams that you were trying to play with

    the queue is supposed to backfill those empty slots, but in most cases the BG matches are so short it doesnt have time to do that
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