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Question for people who have pvp'd with a vamp

Does the ability cost increase & fire damage increase really feel like a significant downside? Betweenundeath passive and sustain workarounds it seems 100% worth it in almost every case.

Every build I see online is a stage 3 vamp and I don't get the upside of being mortal. If your a vamp what builds do you struggle against?
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  • Xarc
    Stage 3 gives a reduction of damages up to 33% based on your missing health, with "undeath" passive.

    otherwise I only feel the fire damage penality against magDK in 1vs1
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  • Roukoru
    imho, sneaking speed and stamina cost decrease worth it. And damage boost from sneak attack will always help.
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  • Arunei
    Fire damage increase depends on the content you're doing and thus the enemies you face. There are dungeons and such that have a lot of Fire damage

    The ramping increase on non-Vampire skills can be really felt on races that don't have any sort of Regen as a passive. The lowering HP Regen can be felt depending again on content you do and whether you have any self-heals or not.

    You also have to consider, though, the skills themselves. Some of them prevent you from being healed by others, one Mist Form's morphs literally no longer works in PvP, one of them requires enemies to be facing you to work, one of them actively damages you when in use, none of them really do much damage.

    If you take Vampire just for a couple of passives, you'll more than likely just be gimping yourself.
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  • Vevvev
    Stage 3's passive on it's own does a good job staving off the flame weakness, but this is mostly true at stage 3. Once you get to stage 4 it'll only overpower the flame weakness at around 40% health. This is true in a perfect system with no diminishing returns, but Undeath is subject to diminishing returns so all the math is wrong in one way, shape, or form.

    So to answer your question, when going up against magDKs you're going to be in a fight for your life. The flame weakness at stage 4 can't be ignored but with good tactical play, correct choices in race and class, and proper healing will let you be able to get an upper hand against your opponent.

    As for the cost increase.... It depends. If you're using Vampire's spammable quite liberally you won't have an issue, but if you're relying almost exclusively on class related abilities you'll have to build into sustain. As a magDK I personally use a charged Flame staff and the vampire spammable unless I'm hard pressed to use Molten Lash instead. If you're a magic build I'd definitely look into potions with Magicka recovery and bringing a restoration staff for the passive that boosts Magicka back on heavy attacks and getting Magicka after blocking attacks.
    Xarc wrote: »
    Stage 3 gives a reduction of damages up to 33% based on your missing health, with "undeath" passive.

    otherwise I only feel the fire damage penality against magDK in 1vs1

    It's 30%, not 33%. The 33% was back when Undeath started scaling at 50% health but with the vampire rework it got buffed and adjusted so at 50% health Undeath would sit at 15% damage mitigation.
    Edited by Vevvev on February 21, 2022 6:05PM
    PC NA - Ceyanna Ashton - Breton Vampire MagDK
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