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I hate deathmatch so much

Deathmatch is so bad, especially in higher MMR lobbies. It is very chaotic and random while is also extremely boring. It does not matter how good you are because 90% of time you will find yourself fighting against undying stacks of DKs and Sorcs with infinite healing by their healers. It is nearly impossible to focus on one particular enemy, they either get lost in all that mess or you get jumped on by someone else. It sure does feel like a TEAM deathmatch, as you have pretty much no option other than stick with your team the whole time (unless you are ganker), but honestly I'm so tired of it. With 2 millons of total damage I can not score more than 10 kills for the whole match. This is absurd. I'm tired of feeling like nothing depends on me no matter how much damage I deal. I miss times when I can run to a flag and face enemies in fair 1v1s or at least 1v2s more often. Please, ZOS, return other modes faster.
Edited by arch1t3ct on February 1, 2022 6:46PM
  • Auberon1983
    It's funny, Deathmatch is arguably where I perform at my best, but is my least favorite BGs game (CRAZY KING IS LIFE). I've "retired" from playing a PvP DPS, and now only heal in PvP.

    What you're saying isn't wrong; BGs Deathmatch can be just a total slog. I'll consistently put out over 1 million in healing, but the fights either last ages, or are over in the blink of an eye.

    I can't wait for the other games to make a triumphant return.
  • _adhyffbjjjf12
    arch1t3ct wrote: »
    With 2 millions of total damage I can not score more than 10 kills for the whole match.

    in a nutshell why Team DM is dull gameplay and not about individual skills. best X+X v X gank wins always.

  • Sir_Hammock
    Me too, I miss the flag modes. The ball one they can scrap. But only playing DM is such a slog.
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