Society of the Steadfast

Hi! I’m trying to find more information about the Society of the Steadfast. Can someone point me in the right direction? I try to recreate my main every year (race change - alliance change) and I think these peace seeker are what I’m looking for. I don’t want to assume they are all Bretons - I imagine all races are involved in plotting towards peace. Thanks
  • Nomadic_Atmoran
    Seems like there is no lore already established. We'll likely have to wait and see what sort of faction this is.
    Penniless Sellsword Company
    Captain Paramount Jorrhaq Vhent
    Korith Eaglecry - Laerinel Rhaev - Enrerion - Caius Berilius - Seylina Ithvala - Signa Squallrider - H'Vak the Grimjawl
    Yynril Rothvani - Tenarei Rhaev - Bathes-In-Coin - Dazsh Ro Khar - Aredyhel - Reads-To-Frogs - Azjani Ma'Les
    Kheshna gra-Gharbuk - Gallisten Bondurant - Aban Shahid Bakr - Etain Maquier - Atsu Kalame - Faulpia Severinus
  • RedBranch
    That’s what I thought - thanks for confirming.
  • Eporem
    there is a healing spell - Steadfast Ward - I wonder if this will be connected to them
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