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Bthar-zel crashes.

Running xbox series x EU server.
38mb upload 16ms ping.

Inside Bthar-zel I crash every two minutes. I don't have connection issues anywhere else in the game.
It's extremely frustrating as I'm trying to collect the elusive leads for the scarab.

I've hard reset console, cleared data and have preformed a game reinstall.. but still crashing.

Please help.
Edited by ZOS_Bill on January 27, 2022 10:55PM
  • SonOfSoma

    I switched to my old Xbox one using a Wi-Fi connection and didn't have a single crash.
    Obviously this seems to be an issue with the X series.
    I'd love to know if anyone has had this issue on the next gen Xbox.

    Also... The Scarab pet is really not worth the effort.... its tiny!
  • katanagirl1
    I have had some crashes there on PS5 running ESO PS4 version but not on PS4. It sounds like a similar problem.

    Only one crash per farming run each time, though. Usually in the area where the water wheel and the automated hammer thing is located.
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  • smackinhippies
    Never had this problem until I got the Series X, it locks up in the same exact spot every time in the corridor and dashboards the game. While I appreciate they made it so the bug no longer causes the console to power off like it used to it would be nice to get this bug fixed. When I do the daily in Markarth to get the enchanted silver ore I abandon it due to the bug and wait a day to get a different daily quest.
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