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[EU] ⭐Summerset RP - Roleplay community for RP in Summerset. Altmer and others welcome!

"Welcome home, lost child of Aldmeris."
We invite you to roleplay with us in Summerset RP [EU]!

Our RP takes place in the beautiful lands of the Altmer, where we explore their intricate society and customs. Our main focus is on social events, taking place either in the open-world or in player housing.

We have a wide array of characters: from traditionalist Altmer who secretly disapprove of the Queen's Decree, to adventurers that relish in the open borders and seek to learn more, as well as those Altmer who are fascinated with the outsiders and wish to teach them the harmonious ways of Summerset society.

Although the Summerset Isles are the homeland of the Altmer, playing an Altmer is not required to join the community. Indeed, it is when different beliefs and backgrounds clash that the juiciest RP is revealed!
We'll help you craft your character if you don't have one; or explore your character's story and goals. Your story is our story as a community.

Let us reach RP Alaxon together!


We offer you a relaxed community to play with both in-game and on Discord.
You do not need to be an expert on Altmer lore, or have completed the Summerset Chapter to join us - our players will happily help you learn.
However, most of our events and gatherings do take place in Summerset itself, so owning the Summerset Chapter is highly advised.
Join us now via Discord:
Or in-game via the Guild Finder.
Please keep in mind our main method of communication is via Discord.

We welcome anyone who would like to roleplay with us on Summerset, be it your main character or an alt. Drop by and say hello!
If you do not have a character, we’ll help you prepare one as well.

Dungeon Masters
We are also currently looking for Dungeon Masters: people who would like to host events! Despite the name of the role, these events can be anything: from soirees to festivals, competitions, adventures for lost artifacts, opening and running a tavern, and so on. The choice is yours.

We prefer to develop player characters’ stories together, rather than focus on a story for the entire community. This allows friendships and rivalries to develop, and can affect how our little society works.


These are some examples of ongoing character stories:
Veranque - An Altmer initially presumed dead after a great tragedy during her childhood, she recently returned to the Isles of Summerset to take upon the mantle of Kinlady of her otherwise extinct family. But some think she may be an impostor, while others believe she may have spent too much time outside the Isles...

Tethenar - A majestic warrior, this Kinlord excels on the battlefield with vigour and strength, inspiring many to follow in Trinimac's glory. However, the brave warrior is entirely disarmed when it comes to social occasions, and he struggles to fit in. Together with Lady Raesielle, perhaps he will one day overcome such anxiety.

Za’rahja - This dutiful Khajiit has risen through the ranks of the Dominion through hard work and dedication to her craft. Relentless in her pursuit of justice, Za’rahja’s results speak for themselves, as no mystery is left unsolved, and no criminal left in flight.

Jurindil - Jurindil may be a brilliant mage, expert in most magic schools, but he yearns for something that no magic can grant: true love. Will this quest distract him too much from his studies, or will it allow him to truly be happy?

Sylvia and Kauriel - A Breton Lady and an Altmer Kinlord madly in love, spark controversy throughout the isles, pitting the more traditional Altmer against the more welcoming ones.
They risk everything they've worked for their entire lives for love and love alone.

We hope to see you soon!

Have any questions? Feel free to reach one of our officers below either ingame or discord:
More pictures from our events can be found here:
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