Dragon Leap / Ferocious Leap - regularly dysfunctional/unusable for thousands of players


Has there been any official acknowledgement of this multiple year long lasting issue that likely affects thousands of players?

To once again refresh the mind - around 5-10% of battlegrounds (for all dk's who use leap most likely - that's a lot of unsatisfied players) nothing happens when you try to activate the ult.
You can press it over 100+ times with pauses inbetween and with enough ultimate at any range (from 1, 5, 10, 15 meters etc), targetting any enemy player and it will not fire a single time during that battleground.

You are then given two options - play with a massive disadvantage if leap is your main ult for the build you're on - or leave the game, abandon your teammates and get punished for it.

-> There are two things that I genuinely believe makes this issue urgent to solve - the severity of the issue and the amount of players affected by it.

I could of course provide a video - as others who have commented on this issue have been asked to and probably already have - but I believe you should have enough videos by now.
If not, please provide me with a reason for requesting yet another video, if your reason is reasonable I will happily do so.
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