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so i like tanking but is this jerk behavior

this is just in the vanilla part of the game for dungeons but i made a dk tank..

all i do seems like is react to mechanics and taunt the boss and just default attack..dps and healer do the rest of the work.

get all the gear I loot to give to other characters im building..

is this basically all tanking is? its going to get harder right?
  • kwinter
    It’s dlc trials especially hard mode and dlc dungeons especially hard mode were tanking is more of a challenge. Base game dungeons you can tank as dps if you know what your doing
  • Necrotech_Master
    even as a tank, in easier content im never just sitting there spamming light/heavy attacks, i taunt to keep aggro and then i switch to my back bar 2h dmg setup, sure im still lower dmg than the actual dps (usually true unless they are really low level dps), but it helps kill things faster and gives me something to do

    on harder content, definitely have to play more defensively, heavy attack spam to keep stam up, and pay a lot more attention to blocks (in a lot of vet dlc dungeons, heavy attacks from normal mobs can be 1 shots even on tanks, not to mention the boss fights themselves)
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  • Dexter411
    On base game dungeons, even with hardmode it is a breeze without few exceptions. You are doing ok job but you could be doing great 9r amazing job:

    -debuffing enemies and buffing allies
    -position enemies in the best way possible, stack trash, pull archers, interrupt everyone and most of the time you want enemies facing away from group
    -manipulate AI, some bosses will attack furthest enemy from them, some may be almost locked into doing same heavy attack and interupt it(Guardian in City of Ash 1, I know it will sometimes get into few seconds loop trying to slam the ground when you interupt this attack), plenty of bosses have certain AI behavior and I know the best tanks can manipulate it(mostly true for trials)

    Also, there is huge difference when tanking with good, great, amazing and ... 20k group dps, especially for DLC dungeons or something like Dragonstar Arena
  • ixthUA
    Keep boss taunted, for major + minor breach.
    Group mobs so they get AOEd all at once (use pull on ranged mobs), killing them 1 by 1 is long.
    Try to use support sets that will boost group DPS, like crimson oath and drake's rush.
    Get 1 bar for DPS with ice staff, it's useful when killing trash.
    You can also revive dead players.
    PC EU: Senilia Bright - Healing Bard. I live in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • M0ntie
    Oh there is a lot more to it than that. Add control - chaining them in and immobilising them. Keeping buffs and debuffs up is the next step. Be prepared to get a lot of gear sets. Check out The Tank Club for expert information on tanking.
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