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999+ ping and high latency

I've been having a hard time these past few days to perform my rotations smoothly. I'm clicking to weave LAs and cast abilities as usual, and often my character is just like 🧍‍♂️. I did vDSA recently to get the last weapon, the whole experience was very sluggish and so was my DPS.

Anyways, today I try to do my writs as usual and wow- I am getting kicked out of quest pick up/completion dialogues after 10 seconds of nothing happening. I search online and find out there's a native command to display latency, and, lo and behold, I'm yo-yoing between 100-150 and 999+ ms. What is going on???


I'm connected through an ethernet cable and regularly play a MOBA game on NA servers where my ping fluctuates anywhere between 39 and 40 ms. Also, when I do my writs and daily quests I set the graphics quality lower to keep my fans quiet.

I did tracert/pathping just now (~2 hours after doing my writs, after which I stopped playing). I'm not so familiar with those reports but the ping values are below 100 ms and there was only a couple instances of packet loss, in one case around my internet provider and the other case before reaching, two steps before the

Are these issues on my end, or is it the server having a hard time processing requests?
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