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PC very very slow whenever ESO is running, what to try next?

Soul Shriven
This is so frustrating. It's typically taking 10-15 minutes between logging in and getting to the character screen. I just had my husband try this and it took about 30 seconds. I usually get an Error 308 - Lost connection due to inactivity while waiting. Rebooted and tried it again, after 13 minutes a 308 error. Tried a 3rd time and it goes to the character screen in less than 30 seconds. It's unpredictable.

If I can actually get into the game, I can't do much else - Chrome just sits there, it take a couple of minutes to open any tab, if they ever open at all. Opening anything else takes a very long time. Just typing, I have to wait for the characters on the screen to show up after a delay.

I have no issues with any other games. I've been playing WoW for the last 9-10 months and have no problems at all running it on the highest video settings, running at 60 FPS. No issues with slowness in Chrome or anything else. No slowness problems with Guild Wars 2 or EVE.

I play on:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.80 GHz
Nivida GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Dell S2522HG monitors, capped at 60Hz because of GPU limits

Things I've tried, none of which seem to make much difference:

Removing all addons
Lowering video settings
Removing and replacing Visual Studio C++ (for infinite loading screen issue)
Made sure all the exceptions are added in antivirus/firewall
Cycling the modem (fast connection, typically 350 Mbps down/520 Mbps up)

ESO character loading screen: Task Manager (Win10) shows usually 40-50% CPU, Memory 20-25%, GPU 20-30%, Power Usage stays Very High.

ESO while playing: Task Manager (Win10) shows usually 35-45% CPU, Memory 20-25%, GPU 2-25%, Power Usage stays Very High.

As a comparison when WoW is running at the highest video settings, Task Manager (Win10) shows usually 35-50% CPU, Memory 25-30%, GPU 30-40%, Power Usage stays at High. BUT there's no slowdown at all of my computer, I can use Chrome, open anything, everything is normal.

ESO support had me run chkdsk, scf scannow, and memory diagnostics, no issues found.

Please help?
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