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Furniture Plans and Furniture crafting

If there's a core relevant post on this, please direct me. If not, then I would like to start a conversation on the lack of furniture plans for most styles or cities or zones. Also the materials can be difficult to obtain. What I see is the very few plans are overly expensive to buy and finding them yourself has become or has always been difficult to find. I have tried on multiple platforms. In addition, the materials are not easy to obtain or are excessively overly priced for the very few you can find on guild traders.
Here's what gets me. We can find this stuff easily on the purchase tab for crowns. Why is it so easy for this game to keep this model of making it hard for us to find stuff on our own but easy for us to spend real money to buy it when this game model should not be the main model. Shouldn't it be a support model or a subsidize model as a back up? I won't even go into the crown store crown crates.
Anyways, anyone know more about furniture plans regarding how hard they are to find?
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  • katanagirl1
    I totally agree, and it has gotten worse over time, especially in this current chapter.

    I used to be able to farm plans to learn and have duplicates to sell in the trader and keep it full, but now I have only a handful. This New Life Festival instead of giving away style pages and writs for free I had to sell them in the trader to make gold for trader dues.

    I see a few people here in the housing forums expressing similar frustration, but not many. I do not know if everyone has just given up or there is some new secret to getting plans that I have not figured out yet.

    Now that the event is over it might be time to start a new game. I can’t keep farming and just wasting all of my time and getting nothing.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    there are some plans which i get tons of, but they are never usually high value ones

    the other high value ones are that way because they only come from specific zones (leyawiin furnishing plans ONLY come from blackwood for example) so unless you are farming a specific location they are much less available than the more common ones (like the regular race ones, or dare i say those blue daedric ones that seem to drop off every other mob lol)
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