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Heartwood and Nickel

Yes..the perennial problem of the extremely low drop rates on Heartwood and Nickel. If we can't get an increase, how about reducing the number of items needed for the New Life Writs? It just turns it into a job of farming for materials just to complete a writ that doesn't give all that much. I guess I can just skip them, but the drop rate could really be increased a bit without ruining the game.
  • Fennwitty
    hafgood wrote: »
    Nickel you can buy from blacksmiths, no need to hunt for it.

    Yep. All basic crafting style mats including Nickel are available from NPCs for like 15 gold each.

    All the recipes needed for New Life writs are also available on NPCs for cheap.
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  • katanagirl1
    You can get nickel from deconning the Imperial gear that drops from Blackwood now too.
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  • Jayne_Doe
    If you're doing the writs just for the one voucher, then no, they aren't really worth doing. Though if you're working on getting the skin, then do the ones that don't require heartwood.

    I think these writs are already fairly cheap to buy, so you can buy a few that are easier to complete - like ones that require the blacksmithing material (which I'm totally blanking on right now).

    I believe that these completed writs also give you a style page (it's been at least two years since I've done any of them), but you should be able to buy what you don't have from the traders.

    Or, you could always buy some mats from traders, though players have traditionally inflated the prices during this event.
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